With the new norm of staying home, and not venturing out as pre-Covid, here are my 3 must have home beauty tools. These suggestions are based on my own personal experience, and are highly recommended.


Our beauty care always starts with our face. Microdermabrasion is the most popular way to remove dead skin and to minimize acne scars and discoloration. Also, it is vital in delaying wrinkles. With everyone staying home, having your own Microdermabrasion tool is a great investment.

The Silk’n Revit Microdermabrasion wand is a tool that I bought 2 years back, and has proved to be an excellent investment. This tool covers the need for facial, as it works effectively to clear my skin. I did a detailed review of this tool on my Instagram. Watch it here.

I have experienced the following benefits from this tool:

  1. Removal of dead skin, leading to a natural glow and smoother application of foundation.
  2. Less blackheads due to the suction of the tool.
  3. Quicker drying out of cystic acne, as the dead skin on top was removed.
  4. No limit on uses, as the wand plugs in.
  5. One filter is enough for one use, and can easily be repurchased.
  6. One session of Microdermabrasion can range from $55 plus. I like that this one time purchase allows multiple uses, and I can concentrate on the areas that I want to.
  7. The tool is also recommended for neck and hands.

Overall, this is one of the first of the 3 must have home beauty tools. You can get one for yourself here:

If you live in the USA, buy it here.


I use these amazing Revlon Face Defuzzers razors once a month to remove any peach fuzz. Once every two weeks, I use these to shape my eyebrows, and clear my upper lips. I have been using these Revlon Face Defuzzers razors for a year.

Be careful using these the first time, as they can give you a cut. Work in small sections! Beauty influencers like Huda and Laiba, use razors as well and just click on their names here, to watch their tutorials on youtube.

I have tried many different brands, and I highly recommend these facial razors by Revlon Face Defuzzers. These work smoothly and do not scrape the skin.

As someone from South Asian decent, I am hairy by nature, and my face needs continuous attention. I will be honest with you, I have done it all; threading and waxing of face. However, when it came time to do it home, I went with these handy razors. I was worried that I might end up with a stubble and thicker hair. I am not sure, if its due to having hormonal balance, or my age, I did not see any excess growth or dark shave shadow.

Overall, this is one of the second of the 3 must have home beauty tools. You can get these for yourself here:

If you live in the USA, buy it here.


Don’t forget your feet just because you are home.

I have had the Amope Pedi Perfect Pro, since the last two years, and have never suffered from cracked heels thanks to this handy pedicure tool.

The different heads of the Amope Pedi Perfect Pro allow you to give your feet a deep scrub, without putting in the effort of a hard scrub. The heads rotate at two speeds, and can be used either on dry feet, or wet.

The charged Amope Pedi Perfect Pro works up to several days. I charge it every 3rd week. Plus, having this Amope Pedi Perfect Pro in the shower means, that I can use it anytime. With the head being good for several uses, I have had to purchase the replacement only once every year. Overall, a great investment for pedicures at home.

Finally, this is one of the third of the 3 must have home beauty tools. You can get this for yourself here:

If you live in the USA, buy it here.

Let me know if you use any of the above 3 at home beauty must haves? Are there any other tools that you invest in? Let me know here below.

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