As more and more businesses move online, companies are looking towards social media for more cost-effective and efficient marketing. In this day and age anyone; from being a small entrepreneur like a baker to large-scale names like celebrities and business owners alike, are now on social media. Do you feel that you should not think about having a social presence? Absolutely! Focus on starting small and growing big. That is why today I’m talking about the key 3 steps to creating Powerful Social Media presence.

You can be a small entrepreneur, a personal coach, or a content creator, who wants to now start growing a social media following. For all your reasons, you need to work on your social media presence.

3 Steps To Creating Powerful Social Media Presence;
3 Steps To Creating Powerful Social Media Presence: Quezzlifestyle

Step 1: Create Business Email Account

To create a professional impression from the get go, it is preferable to have a dedicated email address. You may choose to get a free email account with Gmail or you would like to relate that email address with the specific business domain. It does not make a difference which domain you choose, however it is a good idea to have a professional email address with your professional business name.

If you are going to be creating your social media presence based on your own name, setup an email address with your name. However, if you will be naming you’re venture, try to get an email address with that name. For example, for this blog my email address is

Once you have an email address set up for you business, next would be to create accounts on other social media platforms.

Step 2: Secure Your Name On FYIT.

Create an account with your name on every high-performing social media platform, or as I say; F:Facebook, Y: Youtube, I:Instagram and T: Twitter. You do not need to worry about working on all these platforms immediately. However securing your name on those channels will ensure that you have them ready for when you want to use them.

There was a time that everyone was trying to create an account on Snapchat. However Instagram created the option to share stories, and Snapchat was not always preferred. Similarly, TikTok has been copied by Instagram, and more people are creating IGTVs and Reels. That being said, if your audience is an avid user of Tiktok, create those accounts as well. Just remember, even if you cannot use them immediately, they are available for when you want to use them.

Step 3: Experiment With What You Want To Share

When I started making stories on Instagram it was fun. However soon I realize there were some shortcomings. First, I was not always available to make stories on a daily bases due to my daytime job. Second, if I did spend time sharing something in the Instagram stories, they would disappear in 24 to 48 hours and on my work disappear as well. Yes I know about highlights. But how many time do you go and review the highlights of an account you follow? How many times do those highlights appear on your Instagram feed? Never.

This has led me to focus more on creating content which can be posted and share. According to recent news; Instagram is actually promoting Reel and multiple picture Posts. Use that as a guiding factor in creating your contact.

Create a calendar for posting on your Facebook page and Instagram. Watch my Reel on how you can do that here.

Step 4: Get a website domain if you plan to blog (optional)

One of the key mistake I notice on Social Sphere, is that on Instagram people easily use the term Influencer and Blogger on their profiles without actually having done that for work.

A Blogger is someone who has either their own blog, or blogs on a platform, where one posts and shares information. You can easily get a free WordPress blog by signing up here.

I used to have a free WordPress blog. However, as my visitors grew, I realized that I would also like to monetize on my website to support the website hosting fees. I highly recommend Site Ground, As I have had nothing but great service from them.

Once you have set up a website there is a lot of work goes in designing, adjusting and maintaining it. Leaving that for another post.

Let me know if you have completed these steps to ensure your powerful social media presence?

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