Open up Youtube, and you will find not just a thousand… but many-a-thousands of Beauty V-loggers who are there to give you advice! One may seem better than the other based on the tips shared, or simply the background of the video.. or even the ethnicity of the beauty guru! Honestly, being a desi at heart, why pay for free advice ;).

That said, I have my select 3 favorite beauty gurus, who are there for me for a specific reason.. read on to see who they are!

P.S. I am in no way trying to write an introduction to any of the three people listed before. I will only be sharing how I came about to know about them, and what I like most about their videos.

1. Lisa Eldridge

Ah! The perfectly mannered English Professional Makeup Artist!

By no mean is Lisa Eldgridge new to the makeup scene. She is a professional MUA (Makeup Artist) for quite a few decades, bringing out the best in celebrities. What I love the most about her videos, is her no-nonsense attitude, and simplifying the way she does makeup.

My all time favourite tutorial from her is the ‘No-Makeup, Makeup Look‘. This look has served perfectly for the days I need to do ‘Rashaan-shopping‘ but don’t want to look ‘thaki-huwi‘ ;).

Lisa Eldridge


2. Carli Byble

I think I came across Carli, when I started youtube search on contouring. That said, I have loved many videos from her. Though initially I found her to be too ‘Kardashian’ for me… I came to realize that she is actually very open in sharing advice! Plus, I love the fact that she does a voice-over on her videos, rather than chatting!

My best suggestion for usΒ desi beauties to begin with, would be to watch her video on ‘Makeup Mistakes to Avoid‘.

Carli Byble

3. Wayne Goss

Now this is another English Β MUA who is good for telling you up-front how a product is worth the hype, or plain expensive for no reason! I like Wayne for hisΒ way of explaining, and have learned a lot along the way… yes anotherΒ walaiti angraiz giving us great tips πŸ˜‰

I have one too many videos from him.. but since I am a huge Mascara lover… here is my suggested watch…. 5 Mascara Mistakes we ll make.

Wayne Goss


Bonus Watch!

I absolutely love the magic of Makeup! Search for ‘Transformational Makeup’, and for sure you will come upon Kandee Johnson!


This is my absolute favorite MUA, who has the knack of literally changing your face! This is her must watch tutorial…on transforming herself into my absolute favorite TV figure… Scissorhands! Β and oh another favorite… Angelina Jolie!

So this post turned to include 4…not 3 of my Gurus ;). Tell me who do you watch and what do you like about them? Afterall, what desi-girl doesn’t like Makeup πŸ˜‰

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