Oh wow.. what a rollercoaster relationship I have had with my weight.

Sometimes I am above 100kg, and some decades ago I was hardly 45 kg! That said, this love-hate relationship with my weighing machine and advancing age has given me experiences to create specific tips that have worked for me.

These tips are completely my laymanΒ totkas which may not always harbor on any scientific facts!

Disclaimer: I am a 30 something woman with kids who loves to eat. I will eat to celebrate. I will eat to mourn. I will eat out of boredom… I will eat. Non-stop. Just because I love food πŸ˜‰

So stop munching thatΒ cake rusk and read on….

Tips #1

Pile up on yourΒ NashtaΒ (breakfast)

Yes we should have listened to our mom. Yes it is the most important meal of the day. For me it is a ritual, which needs to take place religiously to set me off on the roller-coaster I call ‘everyday life’.

I do not have any Pinterest worthy recipe for you, but rather some tips which have worked for me.

-Start by cutting back on the carbs. If you are used to eating two toasts with egg, take one instead. If it was white bread, shift to brown. Better yet, progress to Bran bread slowly. I know it takes getting used to. Nothing like a crisp white toast withΒ BlueBand margarine slathered on it. Sadly, those childhood favorites need to stay just there.. in our childhood. Stick to healthy brown/barn bread. Also, try to use butter instead of low fat alternatives. You can feel and see the difference in the long run.

-If possible, pile up your plate with proteins. I like to make a scrambles egg with a side of some meat and some veggies. Somehow a salad is such a refreshing accompaniment. This plate in itself should satisfy all your cravings and keep you full till mid day.

-I love cookingΒ dalia (oats) from scratch. This way I can control the amount of sugar that goes into it. Such a satisfying and fulfilling meal. If you like to get my recipe, comment below.


Create your low-fat go-to Lazy dish.

My all time favorite is to mix regular cookedΒ DalΒ (lentils) with yoghurt and cucumebers, and gulp it down. The mix ofΒ masala and cucumber, with a twist of yoghurt creates an interestingly yummy combo, which is low in calories, yet high in fiber. My usual go-to daal isΒ Mong-Masur.

This bowl of deliciousness can serve as lunch and/or dinner.

What are some of your favorite quick snacks?


SKIP Dinner

Oh yeah now you hate me πŸ™

I know it is easily done than said, but whenever possible, skip dinner. You don’t need that much energy while sleeping. If this is too much to handle, then make an early cut off time for your last meal of the day. I would say at least 3 or more hours before bedtime! So for me, I wouldn’t want to eat a heavy meal after 6pm. Honestly this works to reduce the unwanted calories.

Now do not refuse all those dinner invitations! Just make sure you eat smart, and adjust your meals the next day. Happy?


Try Waist-training

Oh yes, for everyone who has had a baby, your mom told you to tie your stomach. This could have been done with any longΒ dupatta,Β or better yet, a professional waist trainer. However, this can also serve well in (1) Controlling your boredom munching, (2) Improve your posture, and (3) Actually remind your stomach muscles to start being tight again.

Most common disease in majority desi women , including myself, is this frumpy tummy, which does not go away with diet control.

So start with a Dupatta tied around your waist, and progress to purchase a good quality waist controller.


Go grab a bottle of ‘Safi’

Remember that dreaded taste of Safi that your mom may have forced down your throat when entering puberty? It served well in blood-cleansing and reduced your hormonal skin breakouts.

Surprisingly, this same Safi is excellent for aΒ cleanse of your digestive system.Β Try one bottle and you will see an improvement in your digestion, as well as, due to its cleansing property, you will loose a few pounds. And even if you didn’t loose the pounds, any bloating that you may, have will be reduced.


Use Isabghol Chilka

You can buy this husk nowadays from any drug store. For myself, being faithful toΒ Hamdard,Β I would still buy it from a desi store. The box has instructions on how to take it.

Personally, I would take a tablespoon in my mouth, and gulp it down with a glass of water.

What the husk does is, it expands in your stomach and gives you a feeling of being full. That means, you will not be inclined to eat that much. I have actually used this same trick during fasting. After finishing eating, a spoon full helps me get through the day easily.


So readers, let me know if you use any of the above tips? Do you have anotherΒ lazy tip to add?






  1. Ispaghol can also be eaten mixed with yogurt…
    I hv never tried ispaghol in any form but my saas says not to eat directly with water as it might start expanding in the esophagus and cause choking… Allah bachaaye…

  2. great post! I also have my love-hate relationship with my weight! LOL

  3. Zaberdast Ainee….wirth reading…i really enjoyed n this again pushing me to decrease my few pounds too…he he

  4. An awesome read…and such good feasible totkas on losing weight. .will definitely give try to Dalia and mong-masur daal.Q share your recipe of Dalia. .would live u know how you prepare.

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