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The Green Beaver Company : Quezz Lifestyle reviews!

Among the various learnings of the pandemic, a one key learning that has influenced the masses is to shift towards healthier and chemical-free products. Now, more than ever before, families and individuals are conscious of what they put in their body or apply to their body. Yet, many are deterred by the foreign products and unaffordable pricing. This trend is now changing, with the growth of our very own Canadian company; The Green Beaver Company. Read on for the 5 reasons why you need to know about the Green Beaver Company.

1. Real People Making Real Product.

When I learned about the Green Beaver company, I was half expecting that a big name corporation decided to enter the Canadian market. I was both pleasantly surprised and immediately proud to see that a Canadian couple are the founders of this innovative venture.

I was intrigued to read on the company website Green Beaver that Karen Clark and Alain MΓ©nard combined their years of experience and knowledge as biochemists and microbiologists to offer an alternative to the many dangerous chemicals on the market by starting this company in 2002. The fact that their personal family experiences led them to create this company and formulate the various natural products, comforted me as a mother myself, to introduce Green Beaver products to my family without fear.

2. Supporting Local.

I am always excited to pick up a product and see that it is made in Canada! About time we become self sufficient in manufacturing quality products, eh?

The year of 2009 is marked by the achievement of important milestones for the company. It built its own construction site in Hawkesbury (Ontario) and officially received its Ecocert certification. Since Karen and Alain come with a wealth of knowledge and experience, they knew the benchmarking and certifications required to ensure that they hit the ground running, when they compete in the Canadian Market.

Green Beaver products are exclusively designed, developed, and tested in Canada. They give priority to locally grown organic ingredients, thus supporting other Canadian farmers and business owners. Their objective is to use safe ingredients, so as to create sustainable and reliable products.

3. No Compromise On Quality.

The Green Beaver Company promises to not compromise on the quality and safety of their products. Most of their products are Gluten-free, vegan (except for our lip balms made from organic beeswax) and no animal testing are practiced on their product range. I know that this is something a lot of Canadians appreciate, who focus on using vegan and gluten-free products. I was happy to see that the Green Beaver Company has a detailed ingredients list available on their website. If you want to know more, just click here.

4. Mission to Educate.

I feel my loyalty building towards the Green Beaver, as not only are they dedicated to producing quality products, but also, they are actively involved in educating and raising awareness among its consumers about the potential dangers of chemicals. I feel that a company not focused on just gaining profit is the one who is going to look after me better than the big money making companies.

I can see from the company profile and product line, that they are committed to making a positive impact in the world. The Green Beaver Company is focused on reducing energy consumption and using healthy production methods whenever possible. 

The Green Beaver Company : Quezz Lifestyle reviews!

This is the company for the future and for our future generations.

5. Mission To Innovate.

The super team of Karen and Alain have been busy developing Green Beaver for the past 19 years. From the beginning, the company has continued to innovate by creating effective products adapted to the needs of consumers. They are focused on creating a line that does not harm humans, animals, or the environment. 

In 2011, the Green Beaver Company achieved a real breakthrough by developing the first Canadian organic mineral sunscreen with the support of the National Research Council of Canada. And over the following years, it diversifies its line to the delight of its community. Soapsdeodorantstoothpaste, you name it. 

My Review…

I was lucky to try a couple of the toothpastes from this innovative company and here is my take on them..

I was immediately intrigued by them being labeled as β€˜Naturapeutic Toothpaste’. With more focus as a family and a parent on bringing healthier alternatives for everyday items to my family, I was immediately excited to get to try these toothpastes.

I also like the fact that they label some of their flavors as β€˜homeopathic friendly’ , as more people move towards alternate medicine forms.

We got to try the following flavors:

  • Green apple
  • Zesty orange
  • Bubble gum
  • Strawberry
  • Fresh Mint

Each of these toothpastes were a surprise on their own! They didn’t taste artificial and after using them, the kids and I didn’t feel the usual numbness of gum. Usually with boss brand toothpastes, we feel that our gums are numb and an after taste of chemicals.

The Green Beaver Company : Quezz Lifestyle reviews!

On the kids end, they are excited to use the toothpastes because they are old enough to read the packaging and understand that labeling carries importance when choosing what to put on our body.

The final verdict: our family are always eager to support local Canadian companies and use natural products… so surely this is now our favorite new toothpaste!

You can find this toothpaste easily on Amazon. Click here to see their full range of natural products.

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