So you want to watch a movie with the family.

The automatic plan of action is to check out the latest Hollywood releases. Based on your family audience, titles under the banners of Disney, Warner Brothers and Dream Works, to name a few, are explored. The mere thought of even checking out a Bollywood flick, brings in mind the Latka Jhatka’s of Ranbir Kapoor, and the sensuality of Katrina Kaif. All in all, not always a welcome watch with an audience of kiddies or Nana & Dadi.
Let me stop you there, and actually pull you towards a Bollywood release which is not so new, but carries a fresh subject with a refreshing filming. I am appraising ‘Stanley Ka Dabba’ , which can also be found with English subtitles.
‘Stanley Ka Dabba’ is a low budget movie, which was filmed in an actual school on weekends, with limited hours of work for the students. Only the adult actors are professional, while the child stars are real everyday kids. The producer/director of the movie; Amole Gupte, started the movie as a pet project, and funded it with the help of friends. You may know Gupte from the movie ‘Taarae Zameen Par’, in which he was the creative director and screen writer.
I picked this movie as a perfect watch with my family of 3 minors, ranging in age from 5-810 years olds. Despite missing any item song, we all watched the movie unfold with interest, as it is filmed in a simple, yet creative manner.
The film goes on to teach a valuable lesson, one which all, irrelevant of our age, need to be reminded of again and again. The lesson is that the value of one is always set by oneself! No one can or should be able to break your self-esteem, nor hinder your creative confidence.
I like that the film started with some animation touches, which served to be the right inkling to get the kiddies hooked. Once the movie was on, no one bothered questioning where the animations went.
I would highly recommend this movie to be watched, as it showcases the childhood, that most of us, who attended school in the Sub-continent would associate with. It develops to a story, which has heart touching ending, and displays the brilliant lessons that are inserting here and there for audience of all ages.
The acting of the child star, Partho Gupte, (yes the son of the director) is brilliant, with true signs of a future star in the horizon.
Just as a spoiler, the so called Villain ‘Kharoos’ is actually the producer and director!
Do go watch and come back and comment here about the movie.

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