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Three years back, I never knew of any such company called Birkenstock. I would zoom by any such shop without breaking my stride, to even bother looking inside. However, a sudden onset of heel pain, and later discovery of Plantar fasciitisΒ , led me scribbling to buy any gel insole or silicon padding that I could find. Still, despite the use of the oh-so-wonderful products, I did end up getting a Cortisone injection to relive the pain.

The pain subdued but the cause of heel pain remained. I assumed that being 30 and having this problem meant that I have to embrace it, and give up so much that I enjoy, walking being key activity. My brother suggested that I try Birkenstock, as its a German made Cork based Sandal, which relives many feet related aches.

I hopped on my laptop, and googled up this new term! It seemed at first glance that I am looking at Greek-age labour slippers. No offense intended. I tried a different approach, and googled celebrities wearing Birkenstock. Yeah, since celebrities pay thousands to stylists to dress them, as image is everything. They wouldn’t be caught dead with ugly greek/geeky sandals. It turns out that the likes of Drew Barrymore, Olsen Twins, Heidi Klum, and so many more celebrities prefer it as a go to Sandal for comfort and fashion!

I zoomed back to the Birkenstock page, and ordered my first ‘Larissa’, in a sultryΒ grey silver soft leather. It turned out to be great, when paired with a pedicure of solid or shimmer nails. I rocked it with jeans, cigarette pants, and even a skirt!



My next item in my first order was a Gladiator style Sandal, with straps rising above the ankles. These I got in Deep Brown Soft Leather. Again, a beautiful piece, as its super comfy and trendy.


Once I got the Sandals, I initially did have to break into them. My feet felt as if they are walking on sandpaper, but following the instructions (don’t get it wet), and wearing it religiously for few days, I was hooked! I wore them everywhere! Now they are even my house slippers! When I take them off, I feel my heel hurting. As long as I have these on, I can walk miles! (Provided I had my pedicure πŸ˜‰ )

I also went ahead and purchased the ‘Piazza’ in a fun Black and white print. Its also nice to pair with white outfits.


After all this shopping, I also bought a pair for my 8 year old, who practically lives in them!

Do check though, where the Birkenstock is made in. I prefer the ones made in Germany. Some styles are made in Spain, under license, and are trendy, with lower price tags.

SO ladies.. and gents… the trend is .. pedicure or no pedicure (yeah wearing socks with your Birken is also a style trend), if you walk and stand for long times, then FOR SURE go and grab one of these… they last a long time, and are like an investment for your feet πŸ™‚


  1. hmm… i’m not sure i’m on board with this trend yet. i like the ones you posted though!! πŸ™‚

    1. Author

      Aww you need to give them a try! Btw they come with a full refund policy in most places.. So if not liked, you can return πŸ™‚ at least you tried then .

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