The age of teens was of crazies where I could push my physical limits, with the assurance that two capsules of Panadol will fix all my worries. These pains and aches would disappear when I gulp down these magic beans, which the magician made to be sold in any roadside pharmacy or shop.

The arrival of adulthood with the progression of age, highlighted the limits of my physical stamina. The temple bestowed to me by the Divine One had done its share of bearing a child, and surviving many a human-initiated cuts and stitch ups.

It was when I stepped on the doorway to independent living, that my body cried out of all the abuses inflicted on it through the years. Each step, each act, would result in a symphony of aches and pains that my body sings out to let me know that I have not been the best caretaker. I was of course initially blinded by the faith of the magical pill and started popping them like candy. The response was met with initial silence, followed by a vengeance redirected back to me, which made this pill no more magical. It was that moment that I realized, that alas, Panadol is no more my weapon to control my body.

It is time to wakeup, and give the respect to my body, that should have started ten years ago. Instead of these magical pills, my system begged for Nature’s own secret weapons. I know I am late to start, but rather be late then never right?

My resolution for henceforth is to eat natural and reject artificial. The days of gulping down Cheetos and coke have to stop. A glass of water with squeezed lime with fresh stove top popped pop corn can be a way of redemption.

All said and done.. I have realized… I am BUT just a Mortal after all.

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