Starting Prescription Glasses

I have been wearing prescription glasses since I can remember. I do, however, specifically recall getting them in grade 5. Yet, I never wore them with discipline, thus leading to the increase of my prescription number annually.

While in college, I discovered the amazing-ness of Contact Lenses. Yet, I reserved that for the special occasions, as the contacts that I would buy from ‘Optica’ in Liberty Market (Lahore), would last me for a short-term, considering the dust in Lahore.

Fast forward to married life, I discovered colored lenses! I was lucky , as the guy helping me at Al Maghrebi Optics in Jeddah, suggested I go for Fresh Look Color Blend lenses. That was mainly due to the fact, that those lenses look very natural and pick up your original color.

Rocking Colored Lenses

Wearing lenses is a daily activity for me, as I reserve glasses for home wear mostly. Somehow I feel that the gray lenses help me rock the ‘not-so-tiered’ mommy look , without trying too hard!

In my first year in Canada, I used my husband’s company insurance to purchase contact lenses. That meant that all the credit was applied to purchasing two boxes of the contacts, as I have two different numbers for each of my eyes. As my number had again changed (this time due to using my eyes extensively for driving), I begged my brother to get glasses made and be sent to me from Pakistan. This was all done with the impression that ordering my glasses in Canada is extremely expensive!


Coming towards present day, just last week I discovered a website calledΒ Clearly.caΒ through an online forum. I stumbled across a discussion on ordering contact lenses online. I checked around on other websites, and found that this website had the best prices! Plus, on my first order, I received a coupon for free shipping and a discount. So before, when I used to purchase a box of Fresh Look Color Blends for about 60$+ each, I got it for 50$ each box this time! It was a steal! Of course, the 9$ something was applied as insurance and handling, which I gladly paid. Don’t believe me, here is the receipt:

Contact Lenses Order

But that’s not all….

Today I went back as I received an email with the special offer from , about Buy one, Get one free! I immediately went and ordered one pair of specs for myself, and one for my daughter! Β All for 50$. And yes, the basic indoor use lenses were included in it!

I tell you… this is the best deal!

I know by now I sound like a marketing call, and am raving about this on and on, but honestly, this is the best deal I have found till date. Just be aware, that the deals do keep changing, so you may or may not find this same deal all times. But do sign up for their newsletter, to receive coupons.

How does it work?

You will be able to use the ‘Fit me’ option to add custom frame size, and buy accordingly. They do not require you to upload any prescription, so you can use the one you could have gotten done elsewhere. That said, an annual eye exam is always recommended. The customer service is always quick to help with a phone call, so not a problem!

Just a clarity, I made purchases for current glasses wearers. If it is your first time, it is always best to see an Optician in person to guide you.


Disclaimer: If you decide to follow this link to make a purchase, I may receive a shopping credit for their website, but only for first 5 people. So if you are late in reading this, I don’t receive anything.

P.S. This is NOT a sponsored post! Just something great I came upon.

So let me know if you decide to make a purchase. Or, if you have a better deal up your sleeve!





  1. Great post! Yup is pretty awesome ! loving the new format of the blog! nice soft theme. Good job πŸ™‚

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      Thanks for the appreciation 😍

  2. Thanx for sharing the information . Will definitely try for my son glasses.

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      You are most welcome! Do let me know how it goes for you πŸ™‚

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          Btw, we just got our first pair. If you follow me on Instagram, you can see it. @quezzlifestyle

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