The Children’s Reading Place was on my list of places to visit in Calgary. That said I need to always be mindful that while I have a pair of twins who are nine years old now, I need to also cater to the taste of my teenager.

With high hopes and my own childish excitement for books, I booked the visit by going to the website for Calgary Reads. Don’t do a walk in, as you may be refused. This is of course all in keeping with the purpose of making the reading place fun for everyone who visits.

We arrived at the venue a bit early on a Saturday afternoon, so took the opportunity to walk to 9th Avenue for some snacks. Make sure all food and beverage are consumed before your visit.

The cozy house

My girls and I enjoyed the quiet porch and the adorable decor.

Books wreath on the main door

We took the time to sit and finish our food on the swing.

The front porch

Our visit started with welcoming smiles and introductions from the two ladies who opened the door, once our appointment time started.

You are welcome to walk around the small and cozy house while reading books and the kids get a chance to pick a book to take home. The ladies of the house explain which books stay and which can be taken as gifts.

I for one was giddy with all the themes of each room.. and of course the bathrooms.

Dreamy bathtub!
Fantasy corner

We got 90 minutes in the house, which were spent exploring and reading books. My twins were excited to find the reading nooks and take few minutes to sit and read in each of them.

As for my teenager, who soon decided that this may be childish, it was not so bad. She still checked all the rooms. The highlight was when one of the ladies of the house offered to take her only to the basement to pick a book from their limited stock for teenagers. I am happy to report that all the kids came out with smiles and a book to remember the visit.

I for one spent the time reading this amazing book on books..

What is amazing is that this experience is free and kids leave with a gift book. You can always offer a donation. More details are on their website.

We ended the visit by walking down the road and going to the Bow River and having a mini picnic with the snacks we had brought from home.

All in all, a day well spent.

On to searching for another adventure close to home.

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