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Do you know about Subscription Boxes? Nowadays, a subscription box is all the rage. You can find a box for kids, for women and even now or men! The ones for kids range from being International Adventure themed, or even Language based. Pretty cute idea. Same goes for grown ups. For women I have seen subscription boxes for beauty, healthy life style and more! They all have one thing in common… you need to pay to get them! These boxes would contain a variety of items pre-selected by someone from the company, for you to try.Read More →

Yes I am a Lahori .. just like 90% of Lahori people who claim this title for just being there for past 2 or more generations. Heck! Even Karachities call themselves Lahori once settled in. Honestly, if you had asked me then, what is this so-called ‘Lahori’ and all the racket, I wouldn’t have been able to tell! For me, however, my Lahori-pana took hold in the late 90’s, when I came to Pakistan for higher ed.Read More →

The Jeddah I know… from my eyes , for yours. I have spend 30 + years in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. This was mainly due to my parents moving to the land of Oil, for a brighter future in early 80’s. My brought up, schooling and childhood memories were fired in the city of Jeddah; a city named to as the Bride of the Red Sea. Having spent most of my life there, I consider it as my home town. 20 years back, the definition of home town and nationality was more accurate based on which city you are born in, and what color is yourRead More →

  Among the many projects I have undertook during my life, this was one quirky yet effective one. So much so, that it got featured in the leading english newspaper in Saudi Arabia. Read on what the writer, Afifa Jabeen QuraishiΒ , had to say about my little escapade! Click here to go to the original post. Second-hand bookstores in KSA can enhance firsthand love for readingΒ  JEDDAH: AFIFA JABEEN QURAISHIΒ |Β Published β€”Β Tuesday 19 March 2013 Almost nonexistent stores for old books and very few avenues to sell and buy used books leave book lovers in the Kingdom unsatiated. Qurratulain Sikander, a thirty something mother of threeRead More →

Thinking about making the dreaded ‘Will’ automatically means to acknowledge the reality of death. Despite all of our religious faith’s acceptance of the finality of death, few of us think beyond what to do tomorrow. I will be honest with you. Growing up in Saudi Arabia, and vacationing in Pakistan, making of a Will was least heard of, let alone, would be considered rather rude. Despite my parents living abroad, the talk about death, and what it would it mean for my family, kind of skipped the table talk. After getting married, and spending a wonderful decade in Saudi Arabia with our 3 little daughters,Read More →