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How to determine your take home salary

Moving to Canada after having worked in Saudi Arabia, was an adjustment for me. One of the key adjustment that I faced was is to understand that taxes will be collected prior to deposit of my salary. Another change you will notice, is that most companies in Canada pay bi-weekly, unlike in Asia, where you receive salary at the end of the month. Also, the bi-weekly payment is adjusted per weeks. That implies, that your salary may not be paid on the same date every time. Contact your company Human Resources department for the payment cycle. Knowing that the salary you are offered in yourRead More →

Now more than ever, more and more women are entering the workforce, and dedicating themselves to create a new form of business. This hardly existed even 10 years ago. Yes, I am talking about the rise of Mom Influencers. Many women are baffled by the concept of being a Mom, let alone, focus on being an influencer also. Yet, that is a field, which a Mom can work as much or as less as she wants, while staying home, and being there for their own family. Also, if you follow some key Instagram Influencers, you will find that most are going through their own everydayRead More →