Residence diaries

Moving can be a really scary prospect. Not only will you be leaving behind a lot of things that are familiar to you, but you might also be moving into an entirely unfamiliar world. Human beings hate change and uncertainty, and they would much rather go with the status quo if it’s possible. Unfortunately, that isnโ€™t always the case, and some situations absolutely require you to move. So how can you tell when you need to relocate and start fresh? Hereโ€™s how to know when itโ€™s time to move. Feeling Crowded When people buy a house, they often buy one that fits their current situationRead More →

How to determine your take home salary

Moving to Canada after having worked in Saudi Arabia, was an adjustment for me. One of the key adjustment that I faced was is to understand that taxes will be collected prior to deposit of my salary. Another change you will notice, is that most companies in Canada pay bi-weekly, unlike in Asia, where you receive salary at the end of the month. Also, the bi-weekly payment is adjusted per weeks. That implies, that your salary may not be paid on the same date every time. Contact your company Human Resources department for the payment cycle. Knowing that the salary you are offered in yourRead More →

The Children’s Reading Place was on my list of places to visit in Calgary. That said I need to always be mindful that while I have a pair of twins who are nine years old now, I need to also cater to the taste of my teenager. With high hopes and my own childish excitement for books, I booked the visit by going to the website for Calgary Reads. Don’t do a walk in, as you may be refused. This is of course all in keeping with the purpose of making the reading place fun for everyone who visits. We arrived at the venue aRead More →

‘How we bring Islam to our kids?’, is a question all parents moving to the west ask themselves. I too, was one of the many moms, who was told in Pakistan; ‘You are moving your 3 girls to Canada? Why are you taking them away from Islam?’. Well, at that time, and now, I have always been a firm believer that religion is all about practice, and not just what you are surrounded with. The idea I want to talk about today is actually not my own, but a wonderful initiative started by a dear friend, who for the sake of this post, I willRead More →