You must be Overseas.. if you are reading this … Sitting inΒ walaet means you look forward to your annual visit back to Pakistan, to stock up on clothing essentials. While long shirts and pants are easily available here in Canada, there is no such thing more fun like walking the market, and getting dazzled by prints and combos. Of course, this luxury of annual trip back home is more a reality for people in the Middle East, than the ones in North America and most of the west.Read More →

Yes I am a Lahori .. just like 90% of Lahori people who claim this title for just being there for past 2 or more generations. Heck! Even Karachities call themselves Lahori once settled in. Honestly, if you had asked me then, what is this so-called ‘Lahori’ and all the racket, I wouldn’t have been able to tell! For me, however, my Lahori-pana took hold in the late 90’s, when I came to Pakistan for higher ed.Read More →