Mom 101

Every mother wants to know how to teach children to do chores. She soon discovers that she has to go through certain phases when teaching children how to pick up after themselves . This starts with asking the child nicely, followed by repeating oneself continuously. Unfortunately mothers soon progress to raise their voices and getting frustrated. Iโ€™ve been there and know it all too well. Iโ€™ve discovered that for my teenager and tween twins, the best thing is to make them in charge of their own tasks . This ensures that all my children do chores. Easily said than done, right? The technique I useRead More →

The Children’s Reading Place was on my list of places to visit in Calgary. That said I need to always be mindful that while I have a pair of twins who are nine years old now, I need to also cater to the taste of my teenager. With high hopes and my own childish excitement for books, I booked the visit by going to the website for Calgary Reads. Don’t do a walk in, as you may be refused. This is of course all in keeping with the purpose of making the reading place fun for everyone who visits. We arrived at the venue aRead More →

‘How we bring Islam to our kids?’, is a question all parents moving to the west ask themselves. I too, was one of the many moms, who was told in Pakistan; ‘You are moving your 3 girls to Canada? Why are you taking them away from Islam?’. Well, at that time, and now, I have always been a firm believer that religion is all about practice, and not just what you are surrounded with. The idea I want to talk about today is actually not my own, but a wonderful initiative started by a dear friend, who for the sake of this post, I willRead More →