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Mama's Hair Potion

Mama would cook this hair potion with a lot of zeal and charm, and always made extra to pass it around. On the day of making Mama’s Hair Potion, everything else was put on the back bench. Mama would whip up this hair potion with firm faith in its power, and I was on the receiving end of this potion. Of course, my long thick hair was indeed evidence that this potion worked. (I so need to make this soon) To make it simpler, I have also linked all the ingredients in Amazon, for easy shopping. Without further ado, here is the recipe: Mustard OilRead More →

With the new norm of staying home, and not venturing out as pre-Covid, here are my 3 must have home beauty tools. These suggestions are based on my own personal experience, and are highly recommended. SILK’N REVIT MICORDERMABRASION & BLACKHEAD REMOVAL Our beauty care always starts with our face. Microdermabrasion is the most popular way to remove dead skin and to minimize acne scars and discoloration. Also, it is vital in delaying wrinkles. With everyone staying home, having your own Microdermabrasion tool is a great investment. The Silk’n Revit Microdermabrasion wand is a tool that I bought 2 years back, and has proved to beRead More →

You must be Overseas.. if you are reading this … Sitting inย walaet means you look forward to your annual visit back to Pakistan, to stock up on clothing essentials. While long shirts and pants are easily available here in Canada, there is no such thing more fun like walking the market, and getting dazzled by prints and combos. Of course, this luxury of annual trip back home is more a reality for people in the Middle East, than the ones in North America and most of the west.Read More →

Do you know about Subscription Boxes? Nowadays, a subscription box is all the rage. You can find a box for kids, for women and even now or men! The ones for kids range from being International Adventure themed, or even Language based. Pretty cute idea. Same goes for grown ups. For women I have seen subscription boxes for beauty, healthy life style and more! They all have one thing in common… you need to pay to get them! These boxes would contain a variety of items pre-selected by someone from the company, for you to try.Read More →

I am so excited to have recorded my first public Podcast. I know, I have much to learn about this form of media. That said, I still enjoyed recording it. Please hop to the link below and listen to the Podcast on the topic of ‘Acne’. You can actually just listen to the podcast from this page if accessing from your computer. However, you can also download ‘Soundcloud’ on your smart phone, to listen to this on the go. Just search for ‘Quezz Lifestyle’.   You can also follow me on Snapchat to hear me talk about different topics.Read More →