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You must be Overseas.. if you are reading this … Sitting inΒ walaet means you look forward to your annual visit back to Pakistan, to stock up on clothing essentials. While long shirts and pants are easily available here in Canada, there is no such thing more fun like walking the market, and getting dazzled by prints and combos. Of course, this luxury of annual trip back home is more a reality for people in the Middle East, than the ones in North America and most of the west.Read More →

Do you know about Subscription Boxes? Nowadays, a subscription box is all the rage. You can find a box for kids, for women and even now or men! The ones for kids range from being International Adventure themed, or even Language based. Pretty cute idea. Same goes for grown ups. For women I have seen subscription boxes for beauty, healthy life style and more! They all have one thing in common… you need to pay to get them! These boxes would contain a variety of items pre-selected by someone from the company, for you to try.Read More →

I am so excited to have recorded my first public Podcast. I know, I have much to learn about this form of media. That said, I still enjoyed recording it. Please hop to the link below and listen to the Podcast on the topic of ‘Acne’. You can actually just listen to the podcast from this page if accessing from your computer. However, you can also download ‘Soundcloud’ on your smart phone, to listen to this on the go. Just search for ‘Quezz Lifestyle’.   You can also follow me on Snapchat to hear me talk about different topics.Read More →

  Oh wow.. what a rollercoaster relationship I have had with my weight. Sometimes I am above 100kg, and some decades ago I was hardly 45 kg! That said, this love-hate relationship with my weighing machine and advancing age has given me experiences to create specific tips that have worked for me. These tips are completely my laymanΒ totkas which may not always harbor on any scientific facts! Disclaimer: I am a 30 something woman with kids who loves to eat. I will eat to celebrate. I will eat to mourn. I will eat out of boredom… I will eat. Non-stop. Just because I love foodRead More →

Checking out fashion is most fun in a mall. You see fashionistas, and horrible fashion fails! One item not all pull off too well, is a Maxi dress. My collection of maxi skirts and dresses keeps growing, including high street brands like OasisΒ and Warehouse, to non branded amazing finds from souks, and a certain Dubai global Village spree. The joy of wearing a maxi dress is the immediate feminine appearance, which I can putΒ together in minutes. Now I too have had the days of jeans and a frumpy shirt, while rushing to pick groceries. However now, I know that with a maxi dress and aRead More →

Want a free Birkenstock? Head over to Birkenstock website now! They have a raffle for winning a free pair. Enter by July 4th 2014, for a chance to win. In case you don’t find the message box mentioning the contest, click here. Three years back, I never knew of any such company called Birkenstock. I would zoom by any such shop without breaking my stride, to even bother looking inside. However, a sudden onset of heel pain, and later discovery of Plantar fasciitisΒ , led me scribbling to buy any gel insole or silicon padding that I could find. Still, despite the use of the oh-so-wonderfulRead More →

I recall my college days, when I was the lanky 16 years old, with bushy eyebrows and owned my prized strawberry lip gloss. Those who grew up in Saudi Arabia would recall the thin glass tubes filled with artificially colored and flavored castor oil. Ah! Memories.     So, my college years is a collection of pictures with me flaunting dark circles and shallow complexion. Being blessed with yellow skin tone, any product I would even try, would akin me to a Geisha wannabe. No amount of products I would buy would transform me, with no fault mostly of the products, but rather my lackRead More →