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A Desi Wedding (Shadi) is perfect display of all the cultural extravaganzas that we love to boast.From excessive flowers and lights hanging from every nook and corner, to unlimited food and sweet for guests. The spending does not stop there! Who can accept that a wedding means no jora (a 3-piece garment) and money in some form. Now one exciting and scheduled routine is the deliverance of Salami to the Groom on the wedding day, and to the Bride on the Walima (2nd party after the wedding) day. The Salami serves as a perfect opportunity for all the Aunties to conspire and plan. (Any desiRead More →

Checking out fashion is most fun in a mall. You see fashionistas, and horrible fashion fails! One item not all pull off too well, is a Maxi dress. My collection of maxi skirts and dresses keeps growing, including high street brands like OasisΒ and Warehouse, to non branded amazing finds from souks, and a certain Dubai global Village spree. The joy of wearing a maxi dress is the immediate feminine appearance, which I can putΒ together in minutes. Now I too have had the days of jeans and a frumpy shirt, while rushing to pick groceries. However now, I know that with a maxi dress and aRead More →

Want a free Birkenstock? Head over to Birkenstock website now! They have a raffle for winning a free pair. Enter by July 4th 2014, for a chance to win. In case you don’t find the message box mentioning the contest, click here. Three years back, I never knew of any such company called Birkenstock. I would zoom by any such shop without breaking my stride, to even bother looking inside. However, a sudden onset of heel pain, and later discovery of Plantar fasciitisΒ , led me scribbling to buy any gel insole or silicon padding that I could find. Still, despite the use of the oh-so-wonderfulRead More →

I recall my college days, when I was the lanky 16 years old, with bushy eyebrows and owned my prized strawberry lip gloss. Those who grew up in Saudi Arabia would recall the thin glass tubes filled with artificially colored and flavored castor oil. Ah! Memories.     So, my college years is a collection of pictures with me flaunting dark circles and shallow complexion. Being blessed with yellow skin tone, any product I would even try, would akin me to a Geisha wannabe. No amount of products I would buy would transform me, with no fault mostly of the products, but rather my lackRead More →

Being a Nail Art lover, I have spent a good share of my time trying to scribble on a design on my nails, that didn’t look like mud splatter. The act of putting on various colors, with random directions, was the Nail art of the 90’s. Fast forward to this day, and the Nail Art concept has evolved into digitally graphic pieces of art, that require minimum effort to be put on. One such amazing modern science serving us ladies in the beauty department, is the Jamberry Nails. I was lucky to discover them through Abby Darwish, an independent consultant for Jamberry Nails. I canRead More →

YSL is by all means, a European Native, catering to that market for years. When YSL steps out of its localized focus, and looks towards the East, the world of Middle East is its Orient. The Middle East market is recognized a Scent-lovers, as anyone walking down a mall, will easily be able to whiff so many different and strong scents floating off the locals. Being part of that world for quite a while, I know for a fact that I never met any Arab girl, who if not two, would have at least one perfume bottle in her bag. On moments of freshening up,Read More →

Originally posted on : Friday, March 4, 2011 Buying Makeup back home would involve a trip to a Departmental Store or a Cosmetic Counter. But such a trivial task becomes a Treasure Hunt for some upon arriving to Jeddah! Well, to begin with, my absolute favorite one-stop-shop for makeup needs is ‘Sephora’. They have stores all over Jeddah, conveniently both in Mall of Arabia and Red Sea Mall. Let me first tell you the superficial appreciation that I have for this store. I love the fact that I am welcomed with such colorful displays and all arranged in a cozy manner,unlike ‘faces’ where I needRead More →

Originally Posted onΒ Thursday, April 8, 2010 I was thinking how every time there is a review, it is either of a shop or restaurant or a salon….but never of an actual SOUK! Now for the newbie to Saudi, a Souk is an Arabic word for ‘Bazaar’ or Shopping area.One of my recent favorites for shopping is Souk Shatee….a hidden treasure! Now to find Souk Shatee, all you need to do is to take the King’s Road, going west, towards Tahlia, and before you reach Stars Avenue, you should see the backside of the souk. They actually have a huge sign on its back. The bestRead More →