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Being a traditional hot June afternoon, it was serenely still, with a gentle filtered sound of looΒ coming through the window. LooΒ has the terrible reputation of being the dreaded hot wind, that blows through Lahore during the hot summer afternoons. The term extends to even describe the concept of anyone who had a heat stroke. So very traditionally you can hear the olderΒ ammaΒ saying that poor lilΒ munna has caught loo. Such an afternoon surely meant that Zahraa should have the pleasure of an afternoon nap, to avoid any of the loo harming her.Β Β Of course Zahraa could not just rush off to bed, before she served lunch toRead More →

Pasta Primavera Inspired from Changed to make it more Vegetable focused, as to encourage my kids to eat more greens. Ingredients: Olive Oil 1 good sized carrot peeled and diced in small cubes 1 spring onion chopped small 1 cup broccoli cut into small florets 1 Red Capsicum cut in thin small slices 1 Yellow Capsicum cut in think small slices Alfredo Sauce 1 Jar 2 cups Elbow shaped pasta boiled beforehand Parmesan Cheese. Just start from Olive oil in a heated Wok, and add vegetables one by one, giving a wait of 1 minute in between each. Once all vegetables are added, andRead More →