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Tamatar ki chutney ho tou aisi! I was introduced to this chutney at my Aunty Sayedahโ€™s place while growing up in Jeddah. This was staple at their household. However, it was a supremely yummy treat for me! I can easily eat spoonfuls of this. This chutney is cooked, so it can stay good up to a week. Or maybe more. We never have any left at the end of the week to know otherwise. INGREDIENTS Cooking oil : 1/2 cup Rai Dana 1 TBSP (black mustard seeds) Garlic paste: 1/2 tsp Fresh green chili: 2-3 slices (as per your hotness liking) Whole red chilies :Read More →

Cooking to feed and eat. ย No other way of explaining my chef-hood. My joy of cooking has awakened only recently. Despite take a course on Food & Nutrition for 4 years in my Bachelors, I never gave ย much thought to it. The sole purpose of food was to curb my hunger and move on. Having lived for the best part of my life in Jeddah; a city of superb eat outs, one never was bothered about what to cook. Returning to my ancestral city of Lahore, again the adventure of the vacation was to eat as many local foods as possible. However, having moved toRead More →

Having attended the acclaimed College of Home Economics Lahore, one assumes that I would know recipes at my tips, and can mix up a dinner in mere hours! Well, sad but true, I need a week to plan a dinner, and at least two days to actually cook! In my earlierย years of marriage, despite asking my mom for all her recipes, which all were based onย apnea hasab saeย concept, I soon searched around for an alternative! Shan Masala is a house-hold name in almost all desi homes, and it doesn’t hurt that they play up the sentimental value of food in our culture through advertisements! CheckRead More →