Full Disclaimer: This post is based on MY own experience and my friend circle. It does not at all apply uniformly to all Pakistani women or maybe not even to girls of today. That said, this article is indeed aimed to all my fellow gal pals who are in their 30-40s and know how what I am talking about. It’s interesting to receive so many requests for this topic. Or should I say, kind of concerning. It is interesting that majority of us have an arranged marriage, as coming from Pakistan. It is automatically expected of a new BAHU to excel at the relationships thatRead More →

Yes I am a Lahori .. just like 90% of Lahori people who claim this title for just being there for past 2 or more generations. Heck! Even Karachities call themselves Lahori once settled in. Honestly, if you had asked me then, what is this so-called ‘Lahori’ and all the racket, I wouldn’t have been able to tell! For me, however, my Lahori-pana took hold in the late 90’s, when I came to Pakistan for higher ed.Read More →

One click shared of a cute kid holding a teddy, and suddenly 1K plus likes and shares happen. An article discussing ignoring kids is shared a thousand times, while a link protesting Child labour is made globally live for a petition. While, I too am prone to the cuteness of the little beings, I fail to understand, as to why the same people feel it a right to joke, harass and demean the elders, who are akin to a baby in their helplessness. What they lack in cuteness is shown in their wrinkled faces which have seen many hardships, their bent bodies have labored toRead More →

A Desi Wedding (Shadi) is perfect display of all the cultural extravaganzas that we love to boast.From excessive flowers and lights hanging from every nook and corner, to unlimited food and sweet for guests. The spending does not stop there! Who can accept that a wedding means no jora (a 3-piece garment) and money in some form. Now one exciting and scheduled routine is the deliverance of Salami to the Groom on the wedding day, and to the Bride on the Walima (2nd party after the wedding) day. The Salami serves as a perfect opportunity for all the Aunties to conspire and plan. (Any desiRead More →

Desi is a term, which people of the indo-sub continent know so well. It’s the term which defines our yellow undertones, spicy food eating habits, loud music and singing at any given opportunity, and dressing like a rainbow with Gotta. Having lived in some countries, while traveling to many others, I am fascinated to meet all the Desi community , who have the same DNA despite their social status or passport cover. Now how do I come to the conclusion that once a desi always is a desi? Read on to know more.. 1. A Desi will be the first one to tell you notRead More →

The age of teens was of crazies where I could push my physical limits, with the assurance that two capsules of Panadol will fix all my worries. These pains and aches would disappear when I gulp down these magic beans, which the magician made to be sold in any roadside pharmacy or shop. The arrival of adulthood with the progression of age, highlighted the limits of my physical stamina. The temple bestowed to me by the Divine One had done its share of bearing a child, and surviving many a human-initiated cuts and stitch ups. It was when I stepped on the doorway to independentRead More →