Once upon a time, I used to throw Pinterest inspired themed Birthdays for my first born. Then came along my twins! Oops! Initially it was all well, with them being young and having the same friends. Now, however, its a different story! They both attend TLC (a Charter School system in Calgary), and have to be in separate sections. That means, both have their own friends!

Initially, I planned a ‘Smiley’ themed birthday for them, at my home. When I started calling around for a clown or a magician, and some one to face paint.. plus a Bouncy castle to keep the kid’s energy in was coming up to a huge amount! ( we are talking for 30 kids here!)

I started looking around, and yes I did check the usual offerings of Calgary; Tommy K Play (we did that on the twins 6th birthday) , Hide n’ Seek , Color Me Mine, and lastly Chuck E Cheese’s. I needed to find a place which is not too big, as last time in Tommy K Play, I couldn’t manage all those kids! Plus, this year I was also fasting for Ramadan! So wanted an easy place.

After visiting all the options, I went with Chuck E Cheese’s. Here is why…

  1. The place is mid-sized! So you don’t get overwhelmed searching for the guest kids at the time of food.
  2. The place is actually pretty decent in terms of cleanliness and games. I could not compare it to ‘Sega World’ in Dubai Mall or ‘Vortex’ in Mall of Arabia, but it served the purpose of keeping 7 year olds entertained.
  3. I was provided a hostess (bless you Kayaira!), who called and talked me through all the steps. On the day of the birthday, she went the extra mile, in helping me sign-in the kids, and to pack up the leftover cake.
  4. They gave me a schedule and it went clockwise! We started at 11am. Food served at 11:45. Show at 12 noon. And finished with cake cutting and serving by 12:15. Kids had ample time to play, both before and after.
  5. I did not have to do ANYTHING (yes I did my happy bhangra dance). I only brought in the cake..because I wanted to. You can order from them too. I ordered their Goody bags, which were pretty decent! The hostess took care of the Candles, Plates, Spoons, and bringing in enough food!

How to book?

Well I booked online, and it is pretty simple. You get to pick the date, time and add the number of guests. The parents are always free. You can always change the number of kids, up to 24 hours before the party. Another thing I loved, was that if up to 2 kids, less than the total,  did not turn up, they will not charge me. You can always check their website for details.

Final Verdict!

Considering that yes our kids are now in the digital world, it was fun to see them figuring out arcade games and playing for tokens. Yes we grew up without all these gadgets, but visiting a gaming arcade or carnival was always fun!

Have you planned your birthday here? Let me know in comments below.

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