Considering the limited options of socializing and hanging out publically, couples often run out of options of where to go. Well…I suppose that is true for anyone!! not just couples. So, I would share with you a  nice cafe, which in ambience and service makes you feel as if you are back to your date night;)….

Java Lounge is located off Andulus Road, when you go down towards Jamjoom Center, it should fall to your left. So basically you have to take a u-turn and come back. It is located inside this strip mall arena, where in the fore-front you will find Startbucks and Burger king. Just go into that arena, and you should find it easily!

The cool thing about Java lounge is the ambience! You feel you are back to your college days, hanging out, listening music, eating good food…with a plus point now in the form of enjoying ‘Sheesha’;).. For the newbies…Sheesha is also known as Hubbly Bubbly, and is basically a contrapment to smoke tobaco. However, what makes it more exciting are the exotic flavourings that are offered nowadays.
Coming back to Java Lounge, I would reccomend you take more than one trip and try to sit both upstairs and downstairs. Both seatings are great for cozy moments:).
The starters, main course, drinks….all are amazing. I personally love the Tempura Jambo Prawns on their menu! they are humangous!!! the Ornage flavoured Sheesha is amazing, and makes even a  non-smoker like me take a puff. All the drinks on the menu are great, though I always opt for Pina Colada…..
The servers are prompt yet discreet, while the music is soothing.
A great place to go out for a date night, or just with friends…As you  may see, I being in a relationship have more emphasis on the date night;)…..
Only downfall…no place to go dancing after the lounge:(….my suggestion…..have a make-shift dance area ready back home:)…Enjoy

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