I wrote an article back in December 2016 on why , living in Canada, you need to make a will now.  If interested, you can read about it here.

The reason that I am writing this post, is because I received the following forward a couple of days back…

There are 4 children, ages 4-11. Two boys and two girls. They are all born in US and of course, American citizens. They don’t have any health or behavioral issues, but they lost both of their parents. The father is from Pakistan. He shot and killed their mother back in April of 2016. He is currently in prison. A parental parent took them in, but unfortunately passed away back in October 2016.

They used to be in a charter school with a lot Muslim children and are raised religious with the Islamic faith, but the family that has them now are devout Christians and take them to church.

They are in desperate need of finding a family willing to foster to adopt.

Contact CASA representative Stephanie Atkinson at (817) 863-2393. She is their case worker.
Please everyone share this information everywhere with everyone. Let’s try to find them a family this Ramadan.
Via Nahid S. Ahmed


Now I did my due, and sent this message out to people on my whatsapp. The situation did get handled, as I was informed soon after. However, the situation was unresolved for many months, and left the kids with anxious memories for the rest of their lives.

I pray that this tragic situation does not befall on anyone, as well as, domestic abuse is absent from our lives. Yet, many other situations can unexpectedly arise, which we cannot foresee. Again, please go and read my link on a detailed discussion on this topic.

The Canadian law accepts a ‘Will’ written and signed in presence of the two witnesses . Not everyone is ready mentally to go to a lawyer , may it be for emotional or economical reasons. Yet, think of the Will as a way to safeguard your family’s future.

For my husband and I, we decided to make a ‘Will’ before he travelled outside the country last December. Since we did not have any complicated Estate, which needed planning, we did not require a lawyer. We assigned each other Custodians in terms of the demise of one of us. Additionally, we appointed guardians for our children, in case of our life loss.

After much research, we decided on using the services of FormalWill.ca. The whole process took us less than an hour, and the document was ready to be printed and signed without any hassle. We have the piece of mind that the document has the required content, and will stand up to any legal requirement.

If you decide to get a preliminary Will done, you can use the service that we used. Based on our great experience, I was able to get a special discount of 15% for Quezz Lifestyle readers! Use the Quezz Lifestyle link to get the 15% discount now!

In case the above link does not give you the discount option, please send me an email on quezzlifestyle@gmail.com , to receive the discount code.

Praying the safety of all parents. Amen 🙂

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