Travel does not need to be stressful.

Tourism is a joy when actually enjoyed.. rather than rushing to get as much done in little time. Traveling with three young ones (well actually one is a teenager) I’ve learned to enjoy the travel, rather than stress over it.

We spent a day in Boston playing tourist and here is what we did..

Start with the ‘Freedom Trail’

I did not want to take a tour, or get a guide, who would rush us. We instead downloaded the free Freedom Trail Podcast, and ran it while we started the trail in Boston Common. The girls would rewind and listen to the parts they missed, and we decided how long we wanted to stay at a point.

Realize that not every point of interest is ‘interesting’

While we completed the trail, some points were more interesting than the others, and that is ok. Take your pick of the fascinating spot and enjoy it at your leisure.

Some of the points of interest, interesting to us were..

The point of the first public school โ˜๏ธ

Quincy market is of course the most favorite โ˜๏ธ

The Boston Harbor was fascinating โ˜๏ธ

And oh of course do check the information center at the Harbor. We actually stopped to enjoy the introduction to the owls in the area …

Relish the stops that you take instead of rushing to the finish line

The girls especially enjoyed the street performers, the merry go round at the Harbor and the fountain.. more than the history tour. And that is ok!

Don’t leave without eating the famed Lobster roll!

We four were absolutely clear what we wanted for lunch… LOBSTER! And we decided to use the opportunity to have the freshest and juiciest lobster roll at the Legal seafood restaurant, who have their own fresh catch of the day and price changes daily as per market standard. Needless to say, we left stuffed and happy.

That’s all for our trip for now… until next time.. when we ENJOY another trip.

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