“Failures are finger posts on the road to achievement.”
C. S. Lewis

One would imagine that when the International Franchisee of the ‘ xyz Idol’ series comes to Pakistan, it would be another stunt of showcasing outspoken judges, with so called larger than life personalities, acting their best to belittle the contests who would travel from near and far to get their two minutes of fames on reality TV.
One such story is of 18 years old Maria Meer, a simple being from Faisalabad, who wants to be a singer. Her Audition in the Pakistan Idol was a live performance of an Indian hit; ‘Sun rah a hai tu’. She was turned down by the judges, with comments which were both hurtful and baseless.
With such a public rejection and failure, Maria was in for a surprise when a well-established Singer Amanat Ali approached her, and offered a signing opportunity. Such act of kindness not only gave Maria a platform to become famous, but also develop an art that would otherwise be crushed forever. The release of their new single ‘Naina Lagay’ is just a beginning to see greater things to see from this young talented lady.
Who says Reality Shows are there to make dreams come true? A failure to get into one could actually mean ending up with a learned Guru. Wouldn’t you say its much better than being painted as a TV doll tossed here and there?

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