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The current times have made us more conscious of our mental and physical health. This has created the trend of taking care of our health before an illness befalls on us. Also, the increased interaction with social media has created determination for life longevity among the masses. To get started on the journey to healthy and conscious living, we turn to supplements and vitamins, so as to strengthen ourselves from within.

But the challenge is; where to start?

One tap to search for health and wellness products brings up long lists of companies. While it is good to know about multiple options, the real task is to choose one of these as a trusted brand. The brand we look for should not only be of good quality, but also show results.

That is why I am here to make your life easier, by sharing with you five reasons why you need to know about; Greeniche.

1. Who Is ‘Greeniche’?

Greeniche is the brand, which was created to meet the need of the many consumers who read labels to ensure that the product does not have any ingredient, which would violate their cultural and religious practices, while steering away from processed ingredients.

When I explored the product line offered by Greeniche, I could tell that they were researched and produced with a common consumer in mind. A common consumer would be someone who is not able to determine which nutrients and minerals are needed. Greeniche has simplified this by creating products with description and labeling to explain in detail its benefits.

The ability of Greeniche to provide quality products for wellbeing and health, not only supports management of common diseases, but also encourages smart lifestyle choices.

2. Greeniche Is More Than Just Supplements

Greeniche products like Immunity Support, Joints Health Formula, Diabeniche, Renal Care, Liver Health Formula and Prostaniche, to name a few, encourage consumers to turn to these healthy alternatives to manage and delay impact of disease, instead of being forced to take pain-management medicine to suppress the impact.

The extensive Health Food line being offered by Greeniche is exciting to explore, as it offers natural alternatives to everyday use items like sugar, and food color.

The Greeniche Stevia Powder is an all natural, calorie and carb-free sweetener extracted from Stevia Rebaudiana herb, and has a glycemic index of zero. I believe that this is a great addition to our Asian households where Chai and Kahwa are incomplete without sweetener.

When you get a chance to explore the Greeniche product line, you will be amazed by the natural solutions being offered. Some of their amazing products are:

  • Nopause for women entering their menopause.
  • Vigorman for men and their intimate concerns.
  • Vegesight for everyone to maintain healthy eyesight.
  • Vegeslim for weight loss and maintenance.

3. Greeniche Products Are Halal, Kosher & Vegetarian

Label reading has become second nature to many of us, especially for those with specific dietary restrictions. With the immigration trends in North America, many people due to cultural and religious beliefs are particular about Halal, kosher, or vegetarian labeling.

Greeniche has recognized this gap in the nutrition industry. They have ensured that its products are certified as Halal, Kosher, and vegetarian, to assure their loyal consumers of the quality and ingredients.

Products from Greeniche like Omega 3, Joints Health Formula, and Iron especially are formulated for specific dietary restrictions.

As a mother myself, I look for products from a brand, which are not just for me, but also for my whole family. I was pleased to see a multivitamin for kids, multivitamin for men and multivitamin for women. Knowing that all of them are Halal, gave me the peace of mind that Greeniche has something for every age and gender.

A trusted brand for Halal, Kosher and Vegetarian Multivitamins and Minerals which contribute to your physical and mental well-being.

4. Greeniche Products Are Natural

Ask any doctor and he will tell you the first thing to do to improve your health is to get off processed food and to return to natural food items. Greeniche has taken a page from ancient medical wonders and has built their whole product line based on what Mother Nature has offered to humans for their care and benefit.

I am especially excited to see the immense benefits that come from using Greeniche’s Moringa Capsules, Curcumin Gold Extracted from Turmeric, and Omega 3 Plant Source. These all are naturally extracted from nature.

Greeniche has also put in extensive research in determining which natural nutrients are beneficial for particular health concerns. A quick visit to  helps you navigate their offerings. The key product categories being offered by Greeniche are:

  • Vitamins & Minerals
  • Plant-based Supplements
  • Health Foods, and
  • Other Health related products

5. Greeniche Is Forecasting Our Needs

Greeniche is expanding locally in Northern America, and right now is ready to serve its customers in Canada through its website and various pop-up kiosks. They have started their entry in the Asian market, based on the positive feedback of its loyal customers. This is the brand that all health-conscious people are talking about.

Now if these five reasons on why you need to know about Greeniche does not convince you, then I must introduce you to its PowerOn product; which includes natural ingredients to fight fatigue and boost energy.

Are you ready for Greeniche?

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