I have already written a post on TLC and the reason why we choose TLC. You can read the post here.

Also, if you are looking for a answers for specific questions, then read my post on Things to know about TLC. just click on the text for the detailed post.

This post is specifically written from my observation of my High School going child, who attended TLC until grade 9, and what skills did I notice in her? Read on for a detailed post on how did TLC benefit my High School going child.

1. Willing To Work

By the time my kid was in grade 9, she was already used to getting lots of project work, presentations, and pop-up quizzes in the TLC program. This allowed her to develop time-management skills, as well as, the ability to pace herself for deadlines. Once she started high school, this experience proved to be golden! She was not daunted by the sudden influx of work, as I heard from so many parents whose kids started high school from regular school system. This is NOT to say that only TLC students do well in High school. However, the experience of TLC teaches them to go into high school with the intent to work hard.

2. Did Better In French

TLC requires all students to take French since the beginning. This comes in handy, when your child starts high school, as many programs will require the student to take a second language when completing their high school diploma. While I know many kids want to experiment and take different languages, high school is not always the ideal place to do so. The kids are stressed with completing a course with its exams each semester, and want good grades for University admissions. Having the know how of French, allows your kid to take this language and do well in it. There will always be time later to experiment with new languages.

3. Read For Pop-up Quizzes

One of the unique aspect of TLC in Alberta Education system is, the accountability that comes with taking it. The student and the parent, both have to sign a agreement at the time of admission, that the required homework and testing will be completed by all students. No exception is made. This has worked well for my kid, because she has trained in grade 8 and 9, to be ready for pop up quizzes.

4. Dressing Formally

Maybe the fact that TLC students wear uniform for 10 years (KG to grade 9), I have seen that kids from TLC schools tend to always dress for school. Even when wearing jeans, they ensure that their clothes and shoes are clean. While they enjoy the freedom of no-uniform policy in Public High Schools, they tend to still have their own style of dressing. I have noticed this in almost all the high school goes, who were in TLC.

5. Respect Towards Adults

One of the key things you will notice in TLC schools is the attention to proper respect for the teachers and school staff. I always see TLC students addressing their teachers with Mr. Ms or Mrs. Generally, I see in TLC schools, that shouting to the teacher, and being rowdy is looked down at. This has transferred well in my kid, when she started high school, by showing the same respect to her teachers and other adults.


My experience with TLC has been nothing but immensely positive. As I always say, do give it a try, if you can. If this systems works for your family, well and good. If not, your public school will always welcome your child back.

You can always visit the official website for Traditional Learning Centre.

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