Irrelevant of ethnicity or location, gender or social status, thick long healthy hair is the desire of all. But all desires are not easily fulfilled, are they?
The constant pressure of competition of social norms, with a helping hand of environmental factors, has been a combo factor for the popularity of so many Hair fall and loss prevention products on the market. Men, just like ladies, stock their bathroom tubs with shampoos, conditioners, masks and serum, which promise thick hair and prevention of baldness.


Despite, I’m sure the better intention of the manufacturers of these products, I for one have had little to no success with any of them. I reached a point where I was scared to brush my hair or even to scrub my head, as a bunch of hair strands would grace my hands, shoulders and oh what not around me.
Giving up on modern wonders, I started on a quest for a homemade remedy. I knew that just having a ‘super oil’ mix would not be enough. FYI, luckily for Asian ethnic girls, we usually have a super oil mix made by mommy deary. You can read about the potion that my mom used to cook for me here.
Returning to my quest, I started my usual research by hoping on my trusted Internet-guru!
It was  YouTube that I found videos by Indian Gurus and African-American women, who all claim by this one kitchen essential, no less than a miracle, for hair loss and Regrowth. It was….. Wait for it… The ONION!

Yeah I know you just blanched! Don’t stop, because the horror continues.
Ok so onion is considered high in Sulphur, which not only invigorates the scalp for hair growth, but also, acts as antiseptic, allowing to cure scalp inflammations and stop hair fall.
Having seen many before and after videos, and with a rat’s tail -sized pony, I decided to give this a try!


Yucky-Miracle Hair Mask Recipe:

My recipe for the miracle yuck hair mask is..
1. Take one medium onion and blend it with very little water. Proceed to then use a cotton cloth to drain the water out for use. You may use a fine sieve for this purpose as well. Keep the water, dispose the pulp.
2. In a bowl, take around 1/2 cup of the onion water, and add an egg for protein, about 5 Tbsp of oil of your choice (I used coconut for hair growth ) and about 2 Tbsp of Lemon juice. You can use vinegar instead as well. Beat this up to form a thick mayonnaise consistency. You can add more oil if desired.
3. optionally, I added 2 Tbsp of cinnamon for its smell and its antiseptic quality. It helped mask the strong smell of the onion.

Take the mask, and apply it through out your scalp and length of the hair. It’s ideal to wrap your head in plastic wrap to minimize the smell.
Leave this one for at least 40 minutes or as long as bearable.

Now to clean your head, shampoo as usual, at least twice to remove the oily mask. Follow this with a Vinegar rinse. Simply take a cup of vinegar and rinse your hair with it. For sure be careful to not get it in your eyes. Try leaving the vinegar in your hair for 2 minutes. This not only kills any lingering onion smell, but also acts as a shine booster for your hair. Rinse the vinegar out and finish with your favorite conditioner.

Some learnings from my experiments

You may only use the onion juice directly, but the constant running down of the water on your face is nauseating and disgusting.
If you are left with some mask, just put it in an airtight Tupperware  and refrigerate it. It keeps well up to another 5 days . You could try freezing and defrosting it, though I haven’t tried that yet.
Be SURE to wash the back of your neck and back very well with soap. I learned that the smell I felt was not from the hair, but my back.

Result time!

I did this for 6 weeks, repeating only once a week. Yes I saw a huge change in my hair conditions! The hair loss was noticeably less, and I can see new hair growing around my forehead.
Another voucher is my hubby, who only did it twice and swore he got more hair and is hounding me to do it again. My scientific brother agrees that it should work due to its high sulphur content. So ladies.. And side effects were found, only good results!

Let me know if you are brave enough to try it.. As beauty always comes with a price, right?