Reluctant Checf

How I became the Reluctant Chef

Cooking to feed and eat.  No other way of explaining my chef-hood.

My joy of cooking has awakened only recently. Despite take a course on Food & Nutrition for 4 years in my Bachelors, I never gave  much thought to it. The sole purpose of food was to curb my hunger and move on. Having lived for the best part of my life in Jeddah; a city of superb eat outs, one never was bothered about what to cook. Returning to my ancestral city of Lahore, again the adventure of the vacation was to eat as many local foods as possible. However, having moved to another part of the world, Calgary (Canada) , I had to acknowledge the fact that to get healthy and delicious food, I must visit the kitchen more often. Thus, the Reluctant Chef was born.

I cook on impulses, with basic secret of Hasab sae (as needed) measurements. Yet, a certain metric system is in place for you to follow, if you choose to try any of the recipes. I would be happy to hear back from you, while I cook my way through any food that I fancy.

Sahtain , Bil Afia , Bon Appetite