One of the many challenges which face a working parent, is to figure out school drop-off and pick up. I have to be honest. I had to learn to adapt for every country I lived in. This post is focused on how I figured out this task as a working parent in Canada. Read on to know; ‘How to manage School Drop-off and Pick-up as a Working Parent’.​

Look for a job which matches your kid’s school hours.

While it may seem unlikely, it is not impossible! Nowadays many jobs are offered either as part-time, or as a work-from-home, which can allow you the flexibility to match your job timing with your kid’s school drop-off and pick-up hours.

Bring your partner on-board to share the responsibility.

I initially worked from office. So, I coordinated with my husband for the school pick and drop task. He would send them to schools and head to work, while I finished at 3 pm, which worked perfectly to do the home-time pick up.

Choose your options based on convenience, rather then guilt.

I know it is a wonderful feeling to drive your child to school and spend that morning time to bond. However, it may not always be something which is benefiting you. Maybe you are always stressed to finish the school drop-off so you can reach your work on-time.

It will serve you well to think about utilizing the school bus system. This will allow you to be not stressed to drive out of your way, and instead, focus on letting your child feel independent by taking the school bus.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to other parents.

If you are thinking about how to manage school drop-off or pick-ups, then for sure other parents are also. Use school events, social groups(many schools now have Facebook groups), school council meetings and even within your own neighborhood, as an opportunity to explore the option to do car-pooling.

This option can be used very flexibly. You can offer to do the morning run, and have the other parent, do the afternoon run, or vice versa.

Safety tips:

  • It is a good idea to visit each other’s home and to ask for a copy of the other parent’s driver’s license. An ideal way is to offer yours first in a text message. Most parents respond by sending their own before you even send yours.
  • Also, share your own car number plate and ask for theirs.
  • I encourage the other parent to take a picture of my car and share mine.
  • I always text/call the other parent if there are delays. This is reciprocated.

Encourage your child to walk home, if possible.

Once your child is old enough, you can encourage your child to walk home from school (if within walking distance) or the bus-stop. I always feel assured when I know that my child will be walking home in a group.

If you see other kids walking home from your school or school bus stop, let your child join them to build confidence.

Also, take the time teach your child the importance of safety. In our household, we have availed the multiple courses by Chid Safe Canada on safety.

I hope that these tips help you in mastering School Drop-off and Pick-up as a Working Parent. Let me know below if you want more points discussed.

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