‘How we bring Islam to our kids?’, is a question all parents moving to the west ask themselves. I too, was one of the many moms, who was told in Pakistan; ‘You are moving your 3 girls to Canada? Why are you taking them away from Islam?’. Well, at that time, and now, I have always been a firm believer that religion is all about practice, and not just what you are surrounded with.

The idea I want to talk about today is actually not my own, but a wonderful initiative started by a dear friend, who for the sake of this post, I will refer by the name my kids call her; ‘Lecture Aunty’, who is full of knowledge.

Lecture Aunty is an Engineer by profession, she is an avid seeker of knowledge, as well as, passionate about sharing her knowledge. Allah gives her strength to deliver an engaging topic to children ranging from ages 3 to 16, boys and girls, while maintaining their interest!

Since I talked about this on my Instagram chat, I have received many questions. Thus, I decided to share the recipe, which I know that dear Lecture Aunty will surely not mind. Rather, I imagine she will get more blessings of Allah for this. Ameen.

  1. Start with asking in your friends circle

Share the idea of how we bring Islam to our kids, with your friends, and see if any is interested in coming together once a month for a sitting. We at the moment are 8 families. Ask your friends for participation not just by offering their time and home, but also to take the initiative to share the knowledge.

2. Divide the months and set dates

If you want results, you need dedication. This concept can only function if you all commit to meet on set dates, on frequent basis. Kids flourish when there is a set pattern. Our group has not just divided the months, but also set dates already for the months ahead. This ensures that all are aware of the commitment.

3. Appreciate the hostess by contributing

Let the hostess only arrange for salad, drinks and tea. She already has made her home ready, and is offering to take care of you. You all ladies know how much work is just cleaning up dishes after a party. So let the hostess remain free of cooking.

Another task that befalls on the hostess, is to arrange the gifts for the kids. The parents pay for their own kid, but the hostess has to be innovative in arranging the gifts.

Set a menu that is all rounded, and distribute the items. We tend to do this only when a certain month’s sitting is close.

4. Reward the children

We have set a budget of only $5 per child. It is surely entertaining to see how the hostess makes choices in buying the gifts. The idea is just to keep the kids interested, without breaking the bank. Also, I see it same as teaching the kid that good deeds are rewarded.

This is the basic concept that Lecture Aunty has created and has brought us success. I look forward to hearing from you, if you have done anything similar? or are now planning to start?

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  1. MashaAllah. Thats great work n the need of the hour. May Allah keep u n lecture lady steadfast. May Allah reward u all tremendously. Ameen.
    Not the same thing but v try to have islamic quizzes n gifts at every gathering v do at my home with a small lecture . I try to attend the islamic gathering (dars) every alternate week n take my kid there. Alhumdulillah.

    1. Author

      JazakAllah for the comment and lovely to hear about your dedication

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