Being a Nail Art lover, I have spent a good share of my time trying to scribble on a design on my nails, that didn’t look like mud splatter. The act of putting on various colors, with random directions, was the Nail art of the 90’s. Fast forward to this day, and the Nail Art concept has evolved into digitally graphic pieces of art, that require minimum effort to be put on.

One such amazing modern science serving us ladies in the beauty department, is the Jamberry Nails.

I was lucky to discover them through Abby Darwish, an independent consultant for Jamberry Nails. I can not take credit to have found them on my own, by oh boy am I glad that they found me!

Abby sent me some samples to try, which I assumed will be similar to the ones offered by Sephora and other commercial sellers. Now, I am not new to applied Nail Art. I Β have had my share of frustrating application, where either the appliquΓ© tore before I could place it properly, or the pattern was in one size only, which needed not just length trimming, but rather a whole nail size to be cut out.


Pleasantly the Jamberry Nails come in various lengths, allowing you to pick and choose which one to fit your nail. You must check out their collection to actually believe that there is no limit to designs possible. Β They are good for both hand and feet nails.

I was happy that I could easily pick up the appliquΓ© and place it on my nails, without holding my breath! I followed their tutorial on youtubeΒ , and substituted the heater with my hair dryer. The application was very easy and straight forward! I did not only do two fingers from each strip, but also used leftovers on my daughter ;).

The verdict is in, after following the steps, I have done my dishes, and cleaning up the house, and putting kids to bed, there is no rip or pulling off. Alternately, with a regular nail color, my polish would be chipped! I am honestly SOLD!

Abby tells me that this fun is for sharing! You can host a Jamberry nails party, which you can either host online or at home. Where you invite your friends and they can also shop from this amazing collection. The hostess get free credit and half priced items. Β I think a mani/pedi party is in order for the upcoming summer!

You can contact Abby by email or her Facebook page.

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