Jeddah Gher! My claim to Hometown!

The Jeddah I know… from my eyes , for yours.

I have spend 30 + years in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. This was mainly due to my parents moving to the land of Oil, for a brighter future in early 80’s. My brought up, schooling and childhood memories were fired in the city of Jeddah; a city named to as the Bride of the Red Sea. Having spent most of my life there, I consider it as my home town. 20 years back, the definition of home town and nationality was more accurate based on which city you are born in, and what color is your passport. Today, these definitions are redundant due to the global migrations.

I started the blog ‘Q’s Jeddah’ in 2009, with the intent of writing my reviews of my beloved Jeddah. Since, I have lived the better part of my life in Jeddah, and always considered it like my hometown. I am now shifting the postings to this blog, as most of the places are still alive and the same.

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