The best things in life are free… or so they say.

Having won a family pass for the year of 2014 was my free ticket to the Joso’s Play and Learn Center in Creekside Calgary. Once I took my kids there though, I believe some good things should be paid for! This play area is one of them.

The Joso’s is a center which has both a preschool, as well as , as play area. A nice cafe is beside the play area to cater to the loitering parents who bring the kiddies. I liked how the play place, despite being indoors, is perfectly sized and superbly clean for the young ones. In most indoor play areas, the issue is that the structure is so big, that it scares off the young ones. Joso’s on the other offers a play structure which is not daunting and rather not limiting even. The play area also has a corner of wall puzzles and other toys that kids would enjoy. No hidden money making tricks of paying for additional play. On the other side, a place for kiddies to drive the small scooters,is also available, again offered within the play area.

I would say that I loved the approachability and size the place, which did not put off my kids, as other much larger places do. Additionally, the placement of clean washrooms within the area was a great plus. The place was not crowded on the weekday that I made the trip, offering us a peaceful hour of play with no worries.

In terms of ease of use and the friendliness of the staff I would say it is great! As for hygiene and cleanness, I would say excellent. I am not counting weekends, when I am sure over crowdedness may takes it toll. Come on, doesn’t your perfect house turn upside down when more kids than the fingers on your hand come over?

I would definitely be making more trips to this nice cozy play area where I did not need to keep scanning and running after my kid in the crowd or a huge place.

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