For some reason my 3 kids find the 8 hour loooong drive from Calgary to Kelown super exciting. I honestly try my best to be the perfect ‘Car-hostess’, by providing frequent snacks and activity options.

The highlight for our trip is always the Kangroo Creek Farm in Kelowna. We visited first in 2015, and then kept going back. A lot has changed in terms of their entry fee and expansion. Do check out their website to know exactly what their hours and charges are at the moment.

Opening Hours:

The Farm is open mid March till the end of October. Still, considering the unexpected weather of Canada, its always best to check their website

What to do there:

Now before you say, ‘it’s just for kids’, you will be amazed by the number of grown ups visiting. Once inside, the cuteness overload gets to all.

Is it a zoo?

Well kind of, sorts.. more like a petting zoo, which allows you to come to close proximity to Kangaroos, goats, some odd reptiles and birds. What makes its special is the idea that you can walk into the animal cages and feed them. The Kangaroos actually have a free ride around the huge lot, so you will see kids trying to pet any Kangaroo taking a rest. Beware though! Everyone is fairly warned not to chase or run after these beautiful kangaroos, as that may start a stampede!

Planning the trip

  • Make sure that you come early, to avoid the mid-day rush.
  • Of course, carrying water and some snacks is always a great idea. There are some picnic tables outside the animal containment zones, if you plan to have a mini picnic.
  • Wear comfortable shoes! Closed ones are even better! I wouldn’t suggest flip-flops or heels, as you never know how animals react and you need to leave a pen immediately 😉 . Plus, the walk down into the farm is pretty steep and downhill.
  • Make sure that you listen and follow all the instructions of the management!
  • Wearing sunscreen and carrying hats for little ones is a smart idea, as it can get sunny and hot on summer days.
  • Come and enjoy the vicinity, without any rush. That way you can get to pet all animals and enjoy the farm.

Why we always do this visit

My kids love to get up and close to the animals, and with the farm getting more traffic every year, it is growing. Also, the interaction makes the best of summer pictures you can take! So bring a camera along to capture the moments.

Have you been there already? Are you planning a trip to Kelowna? Have you added this place to the visit list? Let me know in comments below!



    1. Author

      Yes it is! 😍

  1. We haven’t been to the zoo in ages but now reading your post makes me wanna go – so true abt zoos not being just for kids!

    1. Author

      I think for me, one of the key places to visit is a zoo or aquarium when I go to a new place.. hmm… the kid in me is making up for the childhood of missing all such visits 😜

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