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When time comes to actually choose a destination for Quality Family Bonding time, it may seem that your options are limited!However, once you explore, there is something for every one’s liking. Personally, I miss Bull winkles, which used to be on Tahlia Street. Awesome arcade! However, since now I am a picky mom, I need to know what is best for my 3 year old.
This is why I will be writing a series of this topic. This of course being the first one……

My all time favourite place to take my kid is the ‘Vortex’. This is the play area in Mall of Arabia. The Mall is pretty amazing in terms of size and choices. If I could say, I think it is the best substitute for Aziz Mall for the people who live on the Southern side of Jeddah.

The Vortex is placed in the center of the mall, with entrances from two sides. I for one often use it as a shortcut when I need to get from one end to another fast;).

The Vortex has an array of activities for kids. My kid loves the Adventure camp. It is a humongous version of the play areas you might find in a regular McDonald’s. This camp is very nicely planned, though a bit scary for young ones. However, considering my kid did not get hurt and the safety measures and structure is really strong, I do think it is an excellent exercise for the kid’s Motor Skills. Also, since it involves playing and sharing , it really improves social skills of the kids. What I have found interesting is that I witness unknown kids coming together to help out the smaller kids in the camp. This is an excellent method of developing teamwork and goodwill at such a young age. Did you ever think that from one such activity, the kid could learn so much?!

Another favourite is the Jumping. I am not sure of the precise name, but it is located in front of the Adventure Camp. For my child, who is by nature a monkey, and loves physical exercises, it is a good option for children to learn the simple joy found in jumping! plus the jumping really pumps the excitement level and makes the kid happy. It is scientifically said that exercising your body encourages happiness! So 5 stars for this activity too. Plus, I like to tell my kid to note that the stronger you push down, the higher you will go. Another Life lesson to be learnt!! Life will be more sweeter based on how much sweetness you will add to it.

There is the Sand/Sticker stand near all this as well. Another fun activity, which involves choosing a picture, which is actually a sticker. The booth manager helps in removing the sticker covers one by one. The child can then go and pour colored sand on the sticker. There are a rainbow if choices! What is interesting here is the imagination of the child, which dares to make a blue bird or a pink fish! I like that bonding which is done between the parent and child when doing this activity. The child understands when to ask for help, and since pouring of sand is involved, it develops Patience as well!

Well these are few of my and my child’s current favourites. In future I may update it.

Do share if there is another Vortex favourite?

Happy bonding with your kid at Vortex!


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