Eid is coming.. Jashan Manao! 

Anyone who lives in Calgary… no no.. in Canada, knows that we Desi Canadian’s don’t like shoes on our wooden floors. Beside the dirt factor, our fashionable shoes may be the contributing factors to all those dents that are decorating our floors .. yes yes.. I see you nodding. But ladies.. its time to pull the colors to enjoy the summer!


Well I have found, that if you keep our beloved desi khussa for indoor wear only, they actually do NOT mark the floor! May it be the contributing factor of the fine craftsmenship of our Pakistani cobblers back home, or the fact that the khussa lacks the heel. Also, the material is so soft, as its made of natural leather, that it actually softens with wear!

So ladies, I am making this Eid ..and summer, all about rocking my outfits with our traditional shoes! Plus, bless my Mama Jaan for sending me a huge choice of colors.. as you all know, its all about the raang! NO boring Black or Grey!

Nowadays the khussa and chappals are getting fancier! I love the dabka kaam blue khussa that my mom has sent me..


Another favorite is the kundan ka kaam that is still so in! Bless my neice for sending these to me…


Overall, the khussa story is no more old fashioned!

Its always classy to pair these with your eastern wear… but oh what fun to rock them also with jeans or western outfits! I know I have been asked about these shoes every time I have worn them here…

So what will you be rocking on your feet?

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