So you want to work, but maybe you are a mother who wants to stay close to home to continue school pick and drop. Possibly you don’t drive and want to stay closer to home. Or, simply you like to not commute for hours to get to work. Whatever your reason may be, you must be thinking how to look for a job close to home. Keep reading to pick up some tips and tricks.


1. Utilize the Parameter option.

Use the option to set a parameter on websites liked Indeed and Facebook to set an area. This will allow you to find all job postings that are close to you. You will be surprised how easy it is to use this feature. Here below is a view of the Indeed website’s option. You can find it in the ‘Advanced Job Search’ option.

2. Utilize Google Maps to determine possible employers close by.

Add your address in Google Maps and make a list of possible employers close to your residence. You may need to broaden your personal choice of the kind of job you would like to pursue. Maybe you want an office job, but the options available are retail.

Once you have the list of possible employers, start calling them. Ask about possible openings and hiring possibilities. Most often the receiver will guide you, rather than turn you away.

3. Consider Virtual Job options.

Partially due to Covid, and also with changing job trends, work from home and remote work is fast becoming a commonality. When searching online on various job sites, use a combination of the following terms to find possible options:

Remote, Work from home, Virtual, Online

You can also search for ‘Contract’ work and during hiring, discuss work from home options.

4. Volunteer if possible.

Volunteering is an ideal option if you want to pick and choose your work hours and location. So looking at establishments like schools, libraries, social services and government offices near you. The benefits of volunteering are not limited to:

  • Ability to gain experience and skills which help in future job search.
  • Helps fill-in the gaps on your resume if you took a break.
  • Gives your resume an edge for having worked in such a position.
  • Chance to create contacts and to explore future options.
  • Work the hours that suit you.

Some offices require a police clearance for volunteering. These are often provided free of cost. Check with the organization you are interested to volunteer with on how to proceed.

There you go. You can utilize the 4 options above to look for a job close to home. Let me know if you try any of them.

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