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‘Mado’, renowned for its ice cream and bakery products in Turkey has arrived in Jeddah. Located on Prince Sultan Street, friendly staff welcomed me on arrival. Inside is a quite spacious hall, with the bakery section positioned at the front of the store. On your right is an assortment of chocolates, and on your left the ice cream ‘Dondurma’ station, for which Mado is famous for!

Walking further inside, we noticed the large oven, with a showcase of fresh bakery items, ranging from the usual croissant to potato filled baked dough. Here a menu is also available from which one can order freshly baked items. Our initial intention was to get a huge box packed full of goodies, and be on our way. However, the informal yet spacious seating on both the ground floor and upstairs made us change our minds, and we decided to stay.

The ground floor seating is area is made up of wicker tables and chairs, with wall-mounted cabinets showcasing teapots and trays. Upstairs is somewhat more formal, with more modern tables, and where we eventually ended up sitting.

Being the foodie at heart, I was tickled to rush down and order from the display, rather than the menu. However, I did take a quick look, and found an extensive variety of Turkish items for all times of the day.

We ordering the ‘Buraikh’; Layers of boiled/steamed thin dough sheets, layered with feta cheese. We also ordered the folio (pastry sheet), layered with steamed spinach. Our host informed us that this is equivalent of fast food, on the streets of Istanbul. Finally, we also ordered a variety of olive, potato and cheese stuffed breads.

To drink I ordered a Tamarind Juice to go along with the order, while my friend asked tried their Turkish tea. The food arrived promptly. The drinks arriving alongside, as requested. The bakery items were warm, fresh and crispy, and had a rich lingering after-taste.

Once we polished off our order, the host tempted us to order the ice cream, a specialty of Mado. We were informed that we had to order five flavors for single person serving! This was somewhat daunting. However, when our Blackberry, Coconut, Pistachio, Mango and Pomegranate ice cream arrived, I was fooled by its simple presentation.

It was presented in a typical Turkish style of piling flavor over another, in a chilled metallic ice cream goblet. Once I started eating, I could not get enough of the stuff, both creamy and fresh, this was far more than chain food ice cream!

After finishing off, we were presented with our cheque, which was fair, considering that we tried a variety of things. In total we paid less than 120 SR. Our leftovers were packed for us, and presented in a reusable fiber bag, and we were left to relax.

I loved the simple décor upstairs, with snapshots enlarged of Istanbul landmarks. The ambiance was laidback, with no blaring music, and was ideal for my friend and I to chat away. I would highly recommend Mado for anyone looking for a place for morning or afternoon tea. It is also the perfect pit stop for some fresh bread. Simple yet modern. Not ideal for the kids, unless they can be tempted to eat only. However, ideal for young adults and older to lounge around. I think I’m going to be a regular here.


  1. Bad slow service at Mado floating cafe in Jeddah. We had our order after one hour with missing plates. Most of the food listed on the menu isn’t available.

    1. Author

      Oh sad to hear that! When I went in 2013, it was great!. Having moved away, I cannot write an update. Did you post on It is always good to give feedback

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