Why I love Maily?

Almost 2 years back, I was searching for educational Apps for my daughter. The search had started with the usual aim of finding an App which will keep her entertained with a wee bit chance of learning something along the line.

While searching for most suggested apps, I noticed that Maily was unique. It was an interface which allowed all the touch-screen actions which would attract the child, yet at the same, reawaken the age old art of writing to loved ones. I was saddened that even though my daughter wouldn’t practice the tradition of writing letters. Still, emails are the norm, so why not accept Maily?

What Maily does is, that it is connected with the parent email address. The parent chooses who to add as ‘Contacts’ for the child. This is done in such a manner, that the child is never exposed to email addresses. Instead, only names appear. I picked her grandparents and uncles, and added to the list.

When my daughter wants to send a Maily, she simply taps on the contact name, and is then taken to a screen where she can color, add images, post messages,and even take and post live pictures. She sends it off with a click of a button. The Maily then arrives in my inbox for approval to be sent forward. Once the message is received, the reader then replies with a return Maily. This return Maily is again delivered to my inbox for approval to be sent to my daughter’s inbox.

Of course, my family also had to download the application, or use the website online. Yet, it ensures that no junk or spam mail comes through. Nor does the child get exposed to strangers.

I have noticed that the attraction of using Maily has encouraged my child to connect with her relatives, and keep her entertained as well. All in all, Maily is truly a great app, which does more than act as playtime. If you are residing far from home, I would highly recommend this app for connecting your child with her family.

Do let me know in comments below if you have tried or will you be willing.