Originally posted on : Friday, March 4, 2011

Buying Makeup back home would involve a trip to a Departmental Store or a Cosmetic Counter. But such a trivial task becomes a Treasure Hunt for some upon arriving to Jeddah!

Well, to begin with, my absolute favorite one-stop-shop for makeup needs is ‘Sephora’. They have stores all over Jeddah, conveniently both in Mall of Arabia and Red Sea Mall.

Let me first tell you the superficial appreciation that I have for this store. I love the fact that I am welcomed with such colorful displays and all arranged in a cozy manner,unlike ‘faces’ where I need to travel from one station to another. In Sephora, I turn around and I find another brand or discover another beauty wonder! Also, the stores are well-lit, but surprisingly NOT baking hot like ‘MAC’ stores.All such attributes make my shopping more enjoyable there.

The reason this store is a favorite for me is, that you are able to find brands that are not available elsewhere, like benefit, cargo, smash box and even bare Essentials. For myself though, I initially would just buy the products I knew about. However, slowly I discovered that the products under ‘Sephora’ brand itself are actually pretty good as well!

Some absolute favorite from Sephora Brand; Skin Primer, Blusher and oh of course their vibrant eye-shadows.

What is even better about shopping from this place is that the prices are good, and they have samples for everything! So you are not left wondering about the final product.

Also, upon experiment, I have discovered that when you ASK…you will get a treasure of samples to try! Like the original primer that I cannot live without was discovered such. Also, they give you samples from other brands as well. Internationally, it goes without saying that samples will be provided to you. However, don’t think badly of not being given one by the salesman here, as it is like a habitual ignorance. So do ask for them! I also found the most amazing rub-on *every-time-perfect-application* French manicure stickers from Sephora this way, which by the way, stay intact for almost 10 days!

So next time you pass a Sephora, go in and explore and put the salesperson in ‘Ignore’ mode.I promise you will enjoy!

Oh! I forgot to mention their sales. Twice a year Sephora has sales on its makeup on stock which they want to finish. I have found 80% on the foundations that I use in perfect condition! And since we are always in Air-Conditioning, the makeup really does not go bad.

So go to Sephora and Beautify yourself πŸ™‚

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