Mama would cook this hair potion with a lot of zeal and charm, and always made extra to pass it around. On the day of making Mama’s Hair Potion, everything else was put on the back bench. Mama would whip up this hair potion with firm faith in its power, and I was on the receiving end of this potion. Of course, my long thick hair was indeed evidence that this potion worked. (I so need to make this soon)

To make it simpler, I have also linked all the ingredients in Amazon, for easy shopping.

Without further ado, here is the recipe:

Mustard Oil 500 ML

Castor Oil 250 ML

Coconut Oil 250 ML

Fenugreek 1/2 cup

Nigella Seed 1/2 cup

Rose Petals 1/2 cup

Henna powder 1/2 cup

Cook all ingredients on low flame for an hour. Let this mix steep for 24 hours. Strain and store in desired bottle.

The oil will be a beautiful red color, and may tint the hair. Omit henna while cooking, if you have colored hair, and do not want the color to change.

Using this at least once a week, will indeed provide thicker fuller hair.

You can cut the amount in half, for a smaller batch. Also, as with most Pakistani recipes, adjust the amount of the oils as needed, and desired consistency.

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