Unless you have been living under a rock, anyone would know the amazing content Food Fusion has created and shared on social media, creating a Pakistani Chef of all of us. I know that the recipes are tested and on-point and will always turn out amazing. Today I am sharing my 3 go-to recipes from Food Fusion.

My 3 Go-To Recipes From Food Fusion www. quezzlifestyle.com

1. Hyderabadi Mirchon Ka Salan

The first time ever that I had Hyderabadi Mirchon Ka Salan, was at my husband’s friend’s place in Washington; maybe some 15 years ago! The mother of this friend was from Hyderabad and she served this at dinner. I tasted it and was blown away! I had never had something like this before and literally only ate that.

Over the years I tried to re-create the recipe, but to no success. I asked my Hyderabadi friends and even searched online. I would cook the recipe but something seemed amiss.

That is until I searched this recipe in Food Fusion and Voila! I cooked it and tasted the exact same taste that I was searching for!

Follow this recipe below and you won’t be disappointed!

Food Fusion

2. Charsi Karahi

I honestly had not heard of this Karahi until recently. Rather, I initially thought it is a social media trend that has suddenly started. However, once this started making an appearance in my friend’s stories, I knew I had to look for a recipe.

Being a household who actually eats more chicken than mutton, I adapted this recipe by Food Fusion, by simply replacing the meat. I must say, it was still finger-licking good!

You can find it here in the video below.

Food Fusion

3. Uses Of Frozen Paratha

This is not one recipe as per say. Rather, it was a video which revolutionized my using of frozen parathas. I don’t want to give anything away, but do watch this video for the Nutella trick, and thank me later.

I have used this video as base to try different fillings and use them for lunchbox items for kids, or after school snacks. Watch this video to give you inspiration as well.

Food Fusion

So here you go, these are my 3 go-to recipes from Food Fusion.

Do let me know here below if you like any of these recipes, or have another favourite from Food Fusion?

This is not a sponsored post. Rather, it is based on my personal experience and trial.

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