With the increased rise in online shopping, and government induced restrictions on mall visits, now more than ever I am relying on Amazon for my shopping needs. While I am a huge advocate for supporting local, when it comes to finding gifts in another city, Amazon has helped make my life easier. Today I am sharing my favorite Amazon gifts under $30.

My Favorite Amazon Gifts Under $30
My Favorite Amazon Gifts Under $30

1. Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs have become one of the cutest and trendiest gifts to give in the last few years. No matter what age, the joy of sitting in a bath with a fizzing bath bomb is indeed relaxing.

I have sent bath bombs to girls of all ages, be it a 10 year old or a 30 something home maker. In all cases, they have brought smile to the recipients and given the chance to create a spa-day at home.

The cutest sets that I bought as Amazon gifts are the Aofmee Bath Bombs Gift Set with a couple of choices under $30.

2. Lego Sets

No matter what age a boy may be, I can always rely on a Lego Set to make his day. I have sent an array of sets over the past year, from the simplest ones to a 5 year, to some complicated ones to my older cousins, all as Amazon gifts.

The joy of putting a Lego set together while figuring out the instructions is indeed fun. Also, its a perfect gift to build cognitive skills.

As someone who grew up watching my brothers obsessed with Lego, it is a no-brainer for me to send one as a gift. There are multiple options of buying these sets for under $30 on Amazon.

Some of the Lego sets that I have sent in the last few times are:

3. Serving Spoons

One of the finest gifts that I have sent to the lady of her house are serving spoons. Especially, the salad serving spoons are always so popular. Amazon has so many to choose from.

With the inclination to eat healthier, your gift may be something that adds the touch of glamour to serving up a salad for your friend.

I gifted these Gold Serving Spoon Set to my friend, who absolutely adores them. She uses them as a pair to serve up salad, or as two single spoons for

Gold Serving Spoon Set

4. Tile Mate

When it comes to give gifts to men, it is always a confusion between a tie or a perfume. I did not want to get into that confusion and was looking for a gift which was going to be useful. I needed to get a gift for my husband, so I searched high and low and finally found the perfect gift: Tile Mate.

The never ending confusion on where he forgot the keys or his wallet was put to rest! This slim tile can be put in a keychain or slipped into a wallet. When its time to find them, simply press the tracking button in the free Tile app and the Tile Mate will ring loudly.

Now anytime I need to find a gift for men, I simply get this useful tile.

Tile Mate

I have learned that these gifts work, so I do re-gift them to different people. Let me know if you found any of these suggestions useful from my favorite Amazon gifts under $30 ? Would you add any other under $30 gift item on this list?

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