Desi is a term, which people of the indo-sub continent know so well. It’s the term which defines our yellow undertones, spicy food eating habits, loud music and singing at any given opportunity, and dressing like a rainbow with Gotta.
Having lived in some countries, while traveling to many others, I am fascinated to meet all the Desi community , who have the same DNA despite their social status or passport cover.
Now how do I come to the conclusion that once a desi always is a desi? Read on to know more..

1. A Desi will be the first one to tell you not to trust another Desi
Be it North America, UK, Middle East or even back in the monsoon land, the first advise given is to never trust your own ethnic bloodline. Wonder what does that make of the character of the advisor and advisee.

2. A Desi will always blame the corrupt government for all things wrong back in ancestral land
No electricity, absence of gas and such infra structure issues are perfect to pin at fault of the government. But expensive designer wear, water dissolved milk, excess of mosquitoes and flies are also of fault of the government.

3. What cannot be blamed on Government, blame it on the culture.
The excess of money spent on weddings, or funerals alike, is like a social and culture must. You must do it. Where and how the money comes from is no ones headache. However, your failure to gift all incoming guests and providing an appointed caretaker for their days of stay , is all the reason for you to be shunned and frowned upon.

4. When it comes to meal time, a cereal, sandwich and such are food for animals. Desi meal is oil dripping heavy.. Always!
My personal experience shows kids born and brought up abroad, who may not even speak desi, still want their Paratha and baryani. So yes, when you step into a house of a second or third generation desi living abroad, you cannot miss the smell of haldi and mirchi

The list goes on and on, like a desi movie. Just like the desi movie can stretch a two page story to 3 hours long, this topic can go on….


  1. Lol Yooo !! Proud to be a desi. You are right about the oil dripping foods lol and about complaining the government for everything. Loved your desi post.

    1. Author

      Thanks! Yes irrelevant of where we go .. we stay Desi! Looking forward to your future comments as well 🙂

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