Originally posted as a note on July 9, 2013 Erum; a truly sweetheart of a person, whom I call ‘Paroo’; as in punjabi; someone lovebale’. It was 1985, when my mom walked me to the Pakistan Embassy School in Jeddah, and left me a class room called ‘1 B’, to start my school years. My feeling were mixed with excitement and fear, considering I was up since 4 am to get ready for school that day. I walked into a room of girls just like me, small and excited, and started my journey of 8 beautiful years, making friends, having water fights, ganging up againstRead More →

Originally posted on :Thursday, November 19, 2009 This post is about a favorite eatery which was near Palestine road. Despite being shut down due to some issues, it is still alive in my heart and tummy today! All pun aside, the ambiance was soothing and the food was scrumptious! I wrote a review on it on JeddahFood.com . I am posting the review below for you to get a glimpse of what the Jeddah Restaurant scene has lost. By the way, you can still enjoy it at Dubai Mall in Dubai. Driving down Andualus Road, you enter the unofficial Cuisine district of Jeddah! A hiddenRead More →

Considering the limited options of socializing and hanging out publically, couples often run out of options of where to go. Well…I suppose that is true for anyone!! not just couples. So, I would share with you aย  nice cafe, which in ambience and service makes you feel as if you are back to your date night;)…. Java Lounge is located off Andulus Road, when you go down towards Jamjoom Center, it should fall to your left. So basically you have to take a u-turn and come back. It is located inside this strip mall arena, where in the fore-front you will find Startbucks and BurgerRead More →

Originally posted on:ย Thursday, November 19, 2009 When time comes to actually choose a destination for Quality Family Bonding time, it may seem that your options are limited!However, once you explore, there is something for every one’s liking. Personally, I miss Bull winkles, which used to be on Tahlia Street. Awesome arcade! However, since now I am a picky mom, I need to know what is best for my 3 year old. This is why I will be writing a series of this topic. This of course being the first one…… My all time favourite place to take my kid is the ‘Vortex’. This is theRead More →

Originally posted onย Thursday, November 19, 2009 Just came back from a wonderful dinner party at a friendโ€™s place. There I meet another mother, who has inspired me to write this blog ๐Ÿ™‚ While most people consider reading as a skill which will be developed in a child when he/she starts school, it should not be ignored till pre-school age. …. A wonderful way of ensuring that your child will have the love of reading is to first teach them the love of a BOOK! Yes you read me correctly! Reading at an early age is not about just recognizing alphabets and making sense of theRead More →

This no fail and perfect recipe was handed (Or rather emailed ) to me by my oh so talented neighbor. My ex-neighbour to be exact as I had the misfortune to move and loose her company. A dentist by day, and a super cook mom by night, Miso could never go wrong with all the yummy carbs that she sent my way! The recipe she initially sent was from a website, which I tweaked to suit my taste..and have made it a family must! Carrotย cake Ingredients 1 1/2 cups granulated white sugar 1 cup vegetable oil 3 large eggs 2 cups ย all-purpose flour 2 teaspoonsRead More →

Being a traditional hot June afternoon, it was serenely still, with a gentle filtered sound of looย coming through the window. Looย has the terrible reputation of being the dreaded hot wind, that blows through Lahore during the hot summer afternoons. The term extends to even describe the concept of anyone who had a heat stroke. So very traditionally you can hear the olderย ammaย saying that poor lilย munna has caught loo. Such an afternoon surely meant that Zahraa should have the pleasure of an afternoon nap, to avoid any of the loo harming her.ย ย Of course Zahraa could not just rush off to bed, before she served lunch toRead More →

Lets make a…. Self care drink! Oh I see I have your attention! Turmeric has been known to have miraculous healing powers. Turmeric, or as we call it in urdu; ‘Haldi’,ย has been used as a healingย balm for cuts and burns for centuries, in the Sub-Continent. ย Additionally, it acts as an excellent naturalย bleach,ย for improving complexion and to remove acne scars. Turmericย has miraculousย internal healing powers, as it has the ability to heal and disinfect. My mother would make this magical drink for me when I had my first child. Of course I was not always receptive of this potion. However,ย after drinking it a few times, I noticedRead More →

Pasta Primavera Inspired from Yummly.com Changed to make it more Vegetable focused, as to encourage my kids to eat more greens. Ingredients: Olive Oil 1 good sized carrot peeled and diced in small cubes 1 spring onion chopped small 1 cup broccoli cut into small florets 1 Red Capsicum cut in thin small slices 1 Yellow Capsicum cut in think small slices Alfredo Sauce 1 Jar 2 cups Elbow shaped pasta boiled beforehand Parmesan Cheese. Just start from Olive oil in a heated Wok, and add vegetables one by one, giving a wait of 1 minute in between each. Once all vegetables are added, andRead More →