Recently I have ventured into the land of baked bread, with forbidden tastes accompanied by calories one too many. No matter what may be said, the best carb is always the most sating comfort food. My little adventure began actually with a weird motive. At one end, I hadΒ a deadline to meet, yet, my inner foodie begged me to try a recipe that I had seen ages ago on a Facebook group. The recipe was for a Chicken Bread. Now, one would say, why this craving? My college days were spent in Lahore, where one of the trends in late 1990’s was attending ‘High teas’Read More →

The age of teens was of crazies where I could push my physical limits, with the assurance that two capsules of Panadol will fix all my worries. These pains and aches would disappear when I gulp down these magic beans, which the magician made to be sold in any roadside pharmacy or shop. The arrival of adulthood with the progression of age, highlighted the limits of my physical stamina. The temple bestowed to me by the Divine One had done its share of bearing a child, and surviving many a human-initiated cuts and stitch ups. It was when I stepped on the doorway to independentRead More →

What is the easiest quickest and jazziest thing you can whip up which can act as a Salad, Starter, Snack or even a Dinner main course? Why of course a Pasta Salad!!! I usually have a whole packet of Pasta boiled, and tossed in Olive oil, and kept in a tuperware box in my fridge. Why? I can mix it with pasta sauce to feed the kiddies, or make a Pasta Salad when I want! My Secret weapon to making the salad yummy is the dressing that I use. Read on to learn this easy recipe… Ingredients: Pasta Boiled . 2 cups Carrot Grated 1Read More →

  Banana Banana Banana! Such a strange yet powerful among the fruit kingdom, it is often under-rated as the diet of the monkies. Humorouse is the way it is used in context of passion, as to how I have gone Bananas over this pair of shoes. Even more weird is the application of Banana in terms of crazies, when someone to have lost his mind can be termed to have gone Bananas. Considering the passionate crazies, we should surly give this potassium rich fruit another chance and more honor than usually given. Japanese women are smart to recognize the benefit of a Banana Diet. MothersRead More →

YSL is by all means, a European Native, catering to that market for years. When YSL steps out of its localized focus, and looks towards the East, the world of Middle East is its Orient. The Middle East market is recognized a Scent-lovers, as anyone walking down a mall, will easily be able to whiff so many different and strong scents floating off the locals. Being part of that world for quite a while, I know for a fact that I never met any Arab girl, who if not two, would have at least one perfume bottle in her bag. On moments of freshening up,Read More →

“Failures are finger posts on the road to achievement.” C. S. Lewis One would imagine that when the International Franchisee of the ‘ xyz Idol’ series comes to Pakistan, it would be another stunt of showcasing outspoken judges, with so called larger than life personalities, acting their best to belittle the contests who would travel from near and far to get their two minutes of fames on reality TV. One such story is of 18 years old Maria Meer, a simple being from Faisalabad, who wants to be a singer. Her Audition in the Pakistan Idol was a live performance of an Indian hit; ‘SunRead More →

Mado ; A guest review on Γ’β‚¬ΛœMadoÒ€ℒ, renowned for its ice cream and bakery products in Turkey has arrived in Jeddah. Located on Prince Sultan Street, friendly staff welcomed me on arrival. Inside is a quite spacious hall, with the bakery section positioned at the front of the store. On your right is an assortment of chocolates, and on your left the ice cream β€˜Dondurma’ station, for which Mado is famous for! Walking further inside, we noticed the large oven, with a showcase of fresh bakery items, ranging from the usual croissant to potato filled baked dough. Here a menu is also available fromRead More →

Originally posted on : Friday, March 4, 2011 Buying Makeup back home would involve a trip to a Departmental Store or a Cosmetic Counter. But such a trivial task becomes a Treasure Hunt for some upon arriving to Jeddah! Well, to begin with, my absolute favorite one-stop-shop for makeup needs is ‘Sephora’. They have stores all over Jeddah, conveniently both in Mall of Arabia and Red Sea Mall. Let me first tell you the superficial appreciation that I have for this store. I love the fact that I am welcomed with such colorful displays and all arranged in a cozy manner,unlike ‘faces’ where I needRead More →

Originally Posted onΒ Thursday, April 8, 2010 I was thinking how every time there is a review, it is either of a shop or restaurant or a salon….but never of an actual SOUK! Now for the newbie to Saudi, a Souk is an Arabic word for ‘Bazaar’ or Shopping area.One of my recent favorites for shopping is Souk Shatee….a hidden treasure! Now to find Souk Shatee, all you need to do is to take the King’s Road, going west, towards Tahlia, and before you reach Stars Avenue, you should see the backside of the souk. They actually have a huge sign on its back. The bestRead More →