Pakistani Weekend Brunch

While it is fun to go out for Pakistani Brunch or as we say ‘Nashta’ with the family, it may not always be possible due to living abroad. Or sometimes not having a restaurant close by, or as with COVID now, simply keeping social-distancing.

Here, I am sharing the two easy Pakistani Brunch Menu items; Suji Halwa and Lahori Channae.



1 cup Suji 
1/4 cup Ghee
3-4 Cardamon Seeds 
1 tsp Coconut shredded 
Pinch of Yellow color
1/4 cup sliced almonds 
1/4 cup sugar or as per taste 
1 liter boiling water 


Start by heating Ghee in a wok/karhai and add the cardamon. Add suji and start cooking it until a nice golden color is achieved. Add shredded coconut, almonds, color and sugar and mix well. By now the mix is crumbly and golden brown. Add the boiling water. Be careful as water will splatter easily. Cook until the desired consistency is achieved. 


1 cup Chickpea/Channas
Pinch of baking Soda 
Soak overnight and boil the chickpeas until soft. 
Cook the soft channa with the below spices: 
1 tsp Kalwanji
1 tsp Saunf
1 tsp Zeera 
1 tspKutti lal Mitch
1 tsp Salt 
1 tsp Sokha dhania
2 tsp of Shan Masala Paya Masala

Once cooked, make a Tarka of 
Zeera and Red peppercorn and top the channa with it. 

Serve with pre-made Puri frozen bought from a Desi store.

Happy Brunching! 

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