1185219_10151812498340630_485593779_nWhat is the easiest quickest and jazziest thing you can whip up which can act as a Salad, Starter, Snack or even a Dinner main course? Why of course a Pasta Salad!!!

I usually have a whole packet of Pasta boiled, and tossed in Olive oil, and kept in a tuperware box in my fridge. Why? I can mix it with pasta sauce to feed the kiddies, or make a Pasta Salad when I want!

My Secret weapon to making the salad yummy is the dressing that I use. Read on to learn this easy recipe…


Pasta Boiled . 2 cups

Carrot Grated 1 whole large sized

Corn niblets boiled. 1 cup

Red/Yellow/ Orange Capsicum (make either a mix of them, or use any one or more) 1 cup chopped

Cheddar Cheese 1/2 cup grated

Black Olives 1/2 cup chopped

Chicken boiled and shredded 1 cup


1/2 cup mayonisse

2-3 Tablesppons Yellow Mustard

Black pepper Chrushed as needed

Salt to Taste

Mix the dressing and keep it for adding to the mix at the end.

Take a bowl and add in all the ingredients, and pour over the dressing to toss and mix.

The beauty of the salad is, that you can omit or add ingredients based on availability. I may even add chopped lettuce and cucumber, if serving soon. If preparing a day before (such a blessing in case of one-dish parties or a dinner party at home), I omit the fresh cucumber and lettuce.

I love adding chopped pickled cucumbers, as it gives a nice punch.

Ta Da! Salad ready!


  1. Pasta salad is my go-to. Mine’s not usually as impressive as yours, but it always satisfies. Carby but healthy! Love it

    1. Author

      Aww thanks for the approval!! I just clicked to your blog and am already drooling over the Carrot Cake.. Will try soon!

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